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NEFA 10472



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Colour home movie compilation made by Middlesbrough dental surgeon Tom H. Brown recording family travel in England, Italy, Spain and Sweden between 1949 and 1951. The film features scenes and events from a family holiday in the seaside resort of Redcar, North Yorkshire; visits to London; a garden fete in the grounds of the Bowes Museum at Barnard Castle in County Durham; Easby Abbey and Farndale in North Yorkshire. Lord Barnard and Lord Londonderry appear in footage of the Bowes Museum event. There are various short scenes of the Browns on holiday in Rome, Venice, San Sebastian and at one Swedish location. Tom Brown demonstrates his Bolex camera at an Italian airport in one scene.

Title: Movie No 34

Title: The Handiman

The film opens with Tony in the garden banging on a piece of scrap wood with a hammer. There are close ups of Tony’s face.

Title: Beachcombers 1949

Kate Brown and Tony walk on Redcar sands with a view of Redcar Pier end behind them. They pick shells on the beach. Close up of father and son examining shells. Tom Brown is wearing a 1940s suit, tie and knitted Argyle pattern waistcoat.

Title: Refreshment

Portrait shot of Kate Brown as she licks an ice cream coyly, with a view of a promenade crowded with cars and horse and carriage tourist rides in the background.

Title: 1949. Kensington Gardens. London [title appears backwards]

Families look at the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens, London, designed by J. M. Barrie. Tony and Helen examine the sculpture.

Title: London. Tower Hill - Lord Lovat 1747.

Shot of the tower behind a tree. Tony stands in Trinity Square gardens and points to his badge and red checked Scottish tartan tie.

Title: At Easby Abbey

Brief view of the ruins of Easby Abbey. A guide speaks to a group of tourists in the abbey grounds.

Title: Venice. 1949. St Mark’s Square

Pigeons cluster on the arm of a flower seller in St Mark’s Square, Venice. Portrait shot of Kate Brown holding out food on her hand, feeding pigeons in the square. Portrait shot of Tom Brown with a pigeon feeding from his outstretched hand.

Title: Rome 1949

A group of men including Tom Brown wait as women board a tourist bus. A souvenir seller tries to sell coins or watches to him beside the coach. In the next scene Tom demonstrates his Bolex cine camera on a runway at Rome Airport.

Title: Farndale

Shot of a row of traditional woven beehives in front of a drystone wall. A sign reads: 'It is Strictly Forbidden To Pick Daffodils In The Dales.' Groups of walkers ramble through the valley of Farndale on an organised walk. Many daffodils are growing around the grass fields.

Posters on a notice board advertise a garden fete at The Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle. There is a brief shot of Lord Barnard at a microphone by the door to the Bowes Museum as he prepares to introduce Lord Londonderry.

Title: Lord Barnard Introduces Lord Londonderry

Various shots of Lord Barnard and Lord Londonderry at the huge door of the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, as they open the garden fete. Crowds clap after the opening ceremony.

Tom Brown tries his hand at the egg throwing attraction. Human targets stand behind a corrugated iron barrier and dodge the eggs. One seems to be wearing a metal army hat. A poster announces "Danger. Egg Throwing At Live Target. 3d" A soldier hands out eggs to two more customers.

General view of the grand French style façade of the Bowes Museum building with gardens. A military band plays in the gardens, whilst a regiment of uniformed soldiers stand at rear. There are various scenes of the military band marching, crowds watching the performance, and details of military insignia. Soldiers in uniform march and salute. Another shot of the military band members follow. A gun salute takes place and the uniformed soldiers march off. Overhead view of the military band playing their bugles while the bandleader conducts.

Title: Sweden 1950. ‘The Twelfth’

Tony and his mother pose with flowers on his twelfth birthday. He walks along a path with a flower in his jacket button.

Title: Spain 1951. San Sebastian

This sequence opens with shots of San Sebastian town and bay, shrouded in mist. The shot closes with Kate Brown standing on a balcony high above San Sebastian looking out over the view. The beach, landscaped seafront gardens, town and hills are seen below.

Title: Dundee Homeward Bound

Traveling shot from the ferry across the River Tay. Kate Brown poses on the boat in a tartan skirt with Dundee in the background.