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This colour holiday film with intertitles was made by Middlesbrough based amateur filmmaker Tom H. Brown. It documents a grand tour through Italy in the summer of 1949 with his wife Kate, recording their visit to Florence, Venice, Verona, Lake Garda and the departure home from Milan Airport. The film focuses on the architecture, famous landmarks and monuments that they visit.

Title: Reel 3. Florence to Milan

Title: Florence from the Piazza Michelangiolo

Panoramic view of the city of Florence from the Piazzale Michelangelo. A group look through a telescope. General overhead view of Florence.

Title: Florence. The Cathedral 1294-1442

Views of the dome and exterior facade of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, or the cathedral church of Florence. A green tram travels down the street.

Title: Florence. The Baptistery

View of the facade of the Florence Baptistery from one of the adjoining squares.

Title: Florence. The Baptistery. Bronze Doors by Lorenzo Ghiberti. 1440

Many people walk past the bronze doors by Lorenzo Ghiberti at the Baptistery. Close-up of the door panels, with a side light demonstrating the low-relief of the casting. A sign on the wall reads: "Piazza Di Sante Croce."

Title: Florence. Santa Croce Church

View of the facade and foreground statues of the Basilica of the Holy Cross church. A sequence of shots show the statue of poet Dante Alighieri in Piazza Di Santa Croce, with close-ups of the detail and inscription.

Title: Florence. Palazzo Vecchio 1298

Low angle view of tower, clock and crenellated wall of the town hall, Pallazzo Vecchio, from the Piazzo della Signoria. Pan down to ground level. Further views of the palace with foreground statues in silhouette. Final shot of the replica of Michelangelo's David statue. View of palace  through narrow street lined with buildings in shadow.

Title: Florence. Near the River Arno.

People walk through shaded colonnades by the River Arno.

Title: Ponte Vecchio 1362

Panoramic view of the Ponte Vecchio, or Old Bridge, the River Arno and the surrounding urban landscape, possibly filmed from Michelangelo Park. Buildings line the full length of the bridge. General view of the busy Vasari corridor across the bridge. A woman with a stick is leaning against one of the arched columns. The crippled, bent-over woman is begging, whilst two young boys in short trousers get water from a water fountain behind her.

An arrow points to Bologna on a hand drawn map.

Title: Bologna

Title: Bologna. Neptune Fountain 1565

General view of the Neptune Fountain. Shots of the different statues decorating the fountains.

An arrow indicates Venice on a hand drawn map.

Title: Venezia

Suitcases are unloaded from a coach. Visitors gather nearby. Shot of a gondola taxi with four passengers. Shots of the rowing technique of several individual gondoliers.

Title: Venice. The Rialto Bridge 1590 Built On 1200 Piles

General view of the Rialto Bridge that spans the Grand Canal, with arches, steps and shops. People stand on the bridge and look towards camera. A young boy acts up for the camera. A hand touches the stone sides of the bridge. Portrait shot of Tom Brown in a sun hat standing on the bridge. Shot of the steep bridge steps with a market to one side. Close-up of a woman’s legs walking up the steps. Two parallel gondolas with passengers travel up the cannel.

Title: Venice. Santa Maria Della Salute 1631-82

The large domed building of the Basilica of St Mary of Health stands in the background with a marina in the foreground. A closer view of the dome follows.

Title: Venice. The Doges Palace

General view of the palace with entrance staircase.

Title: Venice. The Bridge of Sighs

View down a canal towards the white limestone Bridge of Sighs.

Title: Venice. Doges Palace. Adam and Eve

Close-ups of Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge at a large corner capital of the loggia, followed by a general view of the Doges Palace.

Title: Venice. St Mark’s. 15th Century

Various shots of painted murals on the exterior of St. Mark’s Basilica.

Title: Venice. The Legend of St. Mark 828

Rear shot of two monks with tonsures, standing and looking at St. Mark’s Basilica. Details of the painted murals follow. Kate Brown examines a black and white marbled column.

Title: Venice. Professor Cherubini

An easel painter with long white beard paints the architecture in Saint Mark’s Square. Several young people watch him. Close-up of a young male artist sketching in a pad. General view of Saint Mark’s Basilica from the square, with the brick square shaft of St Mark’s Campanile (bell tower) to the right.

Title: Venice. The Lion Clock 1496

Various shots show the Winged Lion and Clock Tower in St. Mark’s Square. Two Italian policemen with tricorn hats walk by.

Title: Venice. St. Mark’s Square

Many people stroll around and rest in the square. Kate Brown feeds the pigeons. Her husband Tom kneels down and feeds the pigeons. Shot of gondolier and passengers taken from the boat.

Title: Venice. Lord Byron’s Home in 1818

Various traveling shots of gondolas on a canal. A water taxi loaded with suitcases waits on the canal along with many other gondolas. A street vendor sells water from a handcart in the street, whilst a woman in a striped dress stands with a makeshift paper sunshade on her head. In the background there is an interesting Italian car.

An arrow indicates Verona on a hand drawn map. Close-up of a poster advertising a performance of music from various operas at “Arena Verona” follows.

Title: Verona. Erected Under Diocletian A.D. 290 Holds 20,000

General views of the interior of the Roman Verona area. Workmen are setting up the stage and stadium. Close-up of a woman walking up rock-hewn steps in the arena. Music stands for the orchestra are placed in front of the stage. Workmen rest at the edge of the stage. The film switches to the exterior of the arena, with traffic passing in the foreground, including a motorcycle and sidecar.

Title: Anticipation?

A man is asleep in a stone porch outside the arena.

An arrow indicates Milan on a hand-drawn map.

Title: Milan Once More

A silver Alitalia airplane stands on a runway. The sign on the plane reads: “Sebastiano Cabota.” A group of women including Kate brown board the plane. An Italian official shakes his finger at the camera and forbids filming.

Title: Milan Airport. ‘Permesso Fotografare You Noodle!’

Kate Brown smiles to camera, standing at the top of the plane boarding stairs.

An arrow points off frame on a hand drawn map.

Title: Dangerous Cargo

Close-up of a hand holding a card that appears to contain stamps. Another close-up shows hands holding a passport for “Robert Lee.”

Title: Albion

Traveling shot through plane window of a coastline. Kate Brown exits the plane and smiles. The film cuts to a seafront where Tom Brown is eating two ice creams.

End title: The End [writing reversed]

Credit: Photography and Titles By T. H. Brown