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Travelogue by Middlesbrough based dentist and amateur filmmaker Tom H. Brown. This film documents one stage of a grand tour through Italy in the summer of 1949 with his wife Kate, with travel by boat from Naples to the island of Capri, and visits to Pompeii, Cassino and Siena. The film focuses on famous landmarks, monuments and architecture. Footage includes the ruins of Pompeii, the more recent World War II damage in Cassini, and a Roman Catholic funeral procession in Siena.

Title: Reel 2. Bay of Naples To Siena

A hand drawn map and arrow indicate Naples as the destination.

Title: Naples. Off To Capri.

A boat flying the Italian flag pulls away from a quayside.

Title: Bay of Naples. Vesuvius.

The mountain peaks of Vesuvius can be seen across the Bay of Naples.

Title: Bay of Naples. Flying Fish.

There are two views of the bay, which may show flying fish but these are indistinct. Travelling across the bay, there are coastline cliffs and mountains in the background. Rear view of two men in suits in the prow of the boat. The boat moves closer to the island of Capri with shots of the island’s coastline.

Title: Capri. Fruit.

Shots of trees in fruit.

Title: Capri. Oleanders.

Oleander trees with bright pink blooms stand in the narrow streets of Capri. Two men carry the luggage of tourists on their backs. A sign reads 'Morgano Tiberio,' which probably refers to the hotel at which Princess Margaret stayed in 1949. Tom and Kate Brown walk arm-in-arm down the steep steps of a Capri street. Kate pulls on a sun hat with ribbons in the bright sunlight. A local man and woman stand at the doorway to their souvenir shop and greet people. There is a close-up of basket ware souvenirs embroidered with the name of Capri.

Title: Capri. Gracie’s House

Overhead view from high cliffs of Capri of a large villa, probably owned by Gracie Fields. Panning shot along the scenic coastline and the limestone sea stacks of the island.

Title: Capri. Princess Margaret’s Driver.

Kate poses with Princess Margaret’s Italian driver. He then drives away in the white open top car. There is a shot down a precipitous cliff towards an aquamarine sea. There are various views of the town built on the steep hills.

Title: Capri. Home of Dr Axel Munthe

Close-up of an inscribed stone sign for the Villa San Michele, once home to Dr Axel Munthe, a Swedish psychiatrist who settled and rebuilt this peasant’s house and adjacent chapel dedicated to San Michele at Anacapri. A local man and woman pose outside the whitewashed house with decorative wrought iron window bars, possibly the caretakers to the house, opened as a museum. There is a shot of a niche in a dilapidated alcove.

Title: Capri. The Piazza

Two men and women walk through the square crowded with café tables and chairs. An attractive young couple in casual shorts and sundress walk by. There are general views of the busy everyday life of the square, with men and women carrying goods in baskets and sacks on their heads. A clock tower in the square has a decorative clock face. A man and woman greet each other, the man dressed in worker’s blue overalls. There are more shots of the lively bustle of the square with a focus on the Italian women and a shot of a man carrying barrels on his head. A young man pulls a cart on wheels through the square.

Title: Capri. The Baker’s Boy.

A young boy walks directly towards the camera balancing a tray of baking on his head. A young woman in chic clothes carries a child through the square.

Title: Capri. To The Blue Grotto

A narrow train track winds through oleander trees towards the coastline. Next, there are passengers sitting in a boat and Capri’s rocky coastline is seen in the background. This is the motorboat from the Marine Grande that transports tourists to waiting rowing boats and carry people through the sea caves of the Blue Grotto. There are very dark shots from inside the grotto, with light only visible at the cave entrance. Men row the tourists in and out of the caves. There is a portrait shot of the man who is rowing the Browns from the cave.

Title: Capri. Villa of Tiberius

Traveling shot towards the Roman villa built by the emperor Tiberius, perched high on the Monte Tiberio.

A hand drawn map and arrow indicate Pompeii as the next destination. There is a close-up of the pages of a guide to Pompeii with a finger pointing.

Title: Bay of Naples. Pompeii, destroyed In A.D. 79

General views of the pavements of Pompeii, a sign for the Tempio di Apollo, (Temple of Apollo), and of the temple ruins with Mount Vesuvius in the distance.

Title: Bay of Naples. Pompeii. One of the few Inhabitants.

A lizard darts across the ground. There are more shots of Pompeii ruins, and an athletic statue in a darker colour. Close-up of a sign for the 'Forum' is followed by general views of the Forum ruins. A crowd of tourists walk through the ruins. Kate Brown stands in the foreground and fans herself with a sun hat. There are more shots of the Pompeii streets, the courtyard of the House of the Faun with pool and statue, a close-up of the Pompeii drains, a sign for the Casa degli Scienziati and general views of its columns and exterior ruins.

Title: Bay of Naples. Pompeii. The ‘Local.’ 

A woman pretends to stir food in a stone cauldron at Pompeii. There are general views of plants growing in the ruins. Cclose-up of an erotic male nude painted on one of the Pompeii interior walls. An arty shot of sunlight and shadow by the Pompeii columns follows. Ruins are seen through an arched doorway. Tourists climb steps at the ruins.

Title: Monte Cassino

Panoramic shot of the ruins of Cassino town, the site of fierce fighting in the Battles of Monte Cassino during World War II. The ruin of a monastery stands on a mountain peak overlooking the town. Various views of the Cassino ruins follow. Two boys and a man are recycling old rubber tyres outside. There is a close-up of the ruins. A group of men are trying to move boulders as part of reconstruction work on the town. A flock of goats is herded down the street. Kate stands with two local women on the street.

Title: No Bullfighters Here!

Various shots of two oxen harnessed to a cart carrying barrels. Kate poses with the oxen. There is a shot of a pink painted villa, pitted with bullet holes. A close-up of the bullet holes follows.

A hand drawn map and arrow indicate Siena as the next destination.

Title: Siena. Column of Remus

Low angle shot of a column and pedestal bearing the statue of a she-wolf breastfeeding the boys Romulus and Remus, located outside the cathedral of Siena. A general view of the column next to a busy street follows.

Title: Siena. Town Hall 1280. Tower 1340.

A general view of the Palazzo Pubblico (town hall) palace in the Piazzo del Campo, Siena’s central square. The camera pans up the tall campanile or bell tower. There is a close-up of the decorative stonework on the façade of the cathedral and general views across the huge sunlit square.

Title: Siena. The Medici Coat of Arms.

Close-up of the carved stone Medici Coat of arms on the façade of a building, between arched windows.

Title: Siena. Cathedral, 14th Century

The central stained-glass window of Siena cathedral depicting the Last Supper is pictured from the exterior. Various shots show the different doorways to the cathedral. The buildings of a narrow back street frame the dome and the striped bell tower.

Title: Siena. Ku Klux Klan?

A street procession takes place with priests in white and black vestments who accompany a religious group wearing full-length black robes and distinctive hoods concealing their faces, probably penitents. A black gold trimmed hearse and a funeral procession follow this group.

A hand drawn map and arrow indicate Florence as the next destination.

End Title: End of Part 2. Part 3 Follows.