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This is a compilation of colour home movie footage, filmed between 1946 and 1947 by Middlesbrough based dentist and amateur filmmaker Tom H. Brown. The film consists of portraits of the filmmaker’s father, Tom Brown Senior, and his son and daughter, Tony and Helen, and an interesting scene in which Tom Brown performs a tooth extraction on his six year old son in the garden. Another sequence captures aerial views of the coastline and urban Teesside region, filmed in 1947 from a British light aircraft, the Auster Autocrat. Footage includes family travel in Switzerland and the Alps in the summer of 1947, and holidays in North Yorkshire, Cumbria, and the Scottish Border.

Title: Movie No. 28

Title: Watendlath Bliss

A large group of the Browns’ family and friends enjoy themselves in a garden. They pose in a group portrait for the camera, perform cart wheels across the garden, and engage in wheelbarrow races and human pyramids. The sequence was filmed on holiday in Watendlath, Cumbria.

Title: October 1946. Painless Extractions

Tom Brown performs dentistry on his son, Tony. Tony sits on a chair in the back garden of the family house in Walton Avenue, Middlesbrough. His father swabs his gum and pulls out a tooth using dentist's pliers. Tony smiles and shows off the gap in his mouth where his tooth is missing.

Title: November 1946. The Family

Helen and Tony Brown put out birdseed at home in Middlesbrough. They pose with their mother and there are family kisses. A chicken or turkey is carved at the dining table. Kate Brown is placing meat on a plate. A typical family Sunday roast lunch lays on the table. Helen and Tony are at the dining table together. Tony still sports a gap-toothed smile from his tooth extraction. He squints from the sun streaming in through a window.

Title: London. Northolt Airport. August 1947.

A fuel truck backs onto the small airfield at Northolt, West London, which handles European flights. A plane lands on the airfield. There is a close-up of the propeller.

Title: Lake Lucerne. The Bürgenstock.

General view of the shoreline of Lake Lucerne, with the Bürgenstock mountain in the background.

Title: The Top

Kate, Helen and Tony Brown walk around a fountain at the Bürgenstock resort on Lake Lucerne. Travelling shot from the front of the Bürgenstock Funicular Railway.

Title: Lake Lucerne. Kussnacht. Queen Astrid Memorial.

A general view records the granite cross memorial to Queen Astrid of Belgium at Küssnacht-am-Rigi by Lake Lucerne, near the site of her fatal car accident. Close-ups of the commemorative plaque with inscription.

Title: Einsiedeln. Timber Houses.

General view of the timber houses of Einsiedeln in central Switzerland.

Title: Lucerne. Market

A range of market stalls display flowers and floral decorations. A woman stallholder looks at the camera. People are walking and browsing through the market.

Title: Lucerne. Quiet Refreshment

Two nuns sit having tea at an outside café table, and look towards the camera. A man walks up a cobbled street. A sign indicates that cars and motorbikes are forbidden on the street.

Title: Lucerne. Evening

General view looking towards a tower on the banks of the river Reuss, with fast flowing water and rapids in the foreground.

Title: Lucerne. Motorcycle Rally

A variety of motorcycles and riders drive past the camera. Two motorcycle riders are dressed from head to foot in black outfits. They carry women passengers who wave at the camera. A motorcycle rides past with an old fashioned basket panier, which displays a 1947 sign. The film then cuts to Kate Brown looking at a window display of fashionable shoes and mouthing an appreciative "ooh.".

Title: Lucerne. Spreuerbrucke. Built 1409

The Spreuerbrucke, or Mill Bridge, zigzags across the Reuss, at Lucerne. Next, there is a close-up of a sign for 'Grimsel Passhohe,' a dramatic mountain pass.

Title: The Dead Lake Helen and Tony Brown look out over an icy dead lake, glistening in the sun, at the summit of the Grimsel Pass.

Title: Baden A highly decorated and painted old building sits on a Baden street. A close-up of the gable of the house follows.

Title: Rhine Falls

Kate Brown looks out over the powerful Rhine Falls, probably standing on the observation deck that extends over the waterfall.

Title: Lake Thun. Oberhofen

High angle view of the woods and background hills of Oberhofen.

Title: Bern

A group of men have gathered to talk on a Bern Street. Close-up of the Bern clock tower, with its decorated astronomical clock. The film cuts to shots of men emptying pails into a dust cart. A brief close-up focuses on a city coat-of-arms above the window of a building.

Title: The Alpine Glow

Next, there is a moody blue shot of the surrounding mountains of the Bernese Alps.

Title: On Top of the Jungfrau

A line of people, dressed in everyday clothes, step carefully along a snow-covered mountain path. Tom Brown and other visitors eat at table and chairs near the Jungfrau summit.

Title: Alphorn

Various shots feature a man playing a long alpine horn on a rocky path in the mountains. Tourists are standing nearby. A view down from the mountains depicts a ribbon of road through a green wooded mountainside.

Title: Suvaroff Memorial

Traveling shot of the Suvorov memorial in a rock face alongside the Devil’s Bridge at the Gotthard Pass in the Swiss Alps.

Title: The Blue Lake

People are rowing on an aquamarine blue lake in the Alps. The film then cuts to a shot of three small girls walking up a mountain road that is lined with tall pine trees. Glacial mountains tower in the background.

Title: Café in Fribourg

General view of Restaurant Continental on a street in Fribourg. A local man walks towards the camera.

Title: Swissair Geneva

Kate, Tony and Helen Brown stand outside the Swissair offices with an elegantly dressed woman. The Swissair windows feature interesting graphic displays.

Title: On Geneva Airport

A small plane stands on a Geneva Airport runway. Several shots picture small airplanes and a two-man plane landing. A larger Scandinavian Airline plane lands on the runway.

Title: Home Again

Railway tracks are filmed from a slowly moving train.

Title: Rainbows

Shots of a rainbow in the sky over Middlesbrough rooftops follow. A woman (possibly Kate Brown) picks up various travel guides and flicks through the pages. Close-up of guides for Lucerne, Montreux, and the Interlakes.

Title: Picnic 1947

A brief record of a country picnic with Kate Brown and friends, including a vicar.

Title: Mount Grace Priory 1947

A single broken bench stands in the foreground of a general view of the ruins of the Carthusian monastery, Mount Grace Priory, Saddlebridge, Northallerton. Two people consult the plans of the priory. Two old men rest on portable chairs as a group of tourists are gathered in the priory grounds.

Title: Auster Aircraft 1947 Over Teeside

The following scenes record aerial views from a flight in a British Auster Autocrat light aircraft. Out of focus footage show the take off and landing of two small light aircraft. Next, there is a shot from an Auster aircraft of a coastline, possibly Redcar and the mouth of the Tees river. An aerial shot captures Teesside industry and housing. The housing shot includes the Brown family home at Walton Avenue, with its distinctive flat roof. Nearby other buildings which can be seen in the background are the Civil Defence buildings and St. Mary's Church Hall on the junction of St. Mary's Walk and Green Lane.

Close-up of the name 'Auster Autocrat' painted on the side of the plane.

Title: Byland Abbey

An arch frames the ruins of the Byland Abbey. Kate Brown walks through the arch, seen from the rear. The next shot frames Kate Brown as she walks through the arch, with the abbey seen in the background.

Title: Byland Abbey. West Front

The ruins of the abbey walls at the west front are framed against the sky. The camera pans down the west front to show the window and doorway gaps in the ruins.

Title: Grandad

Tom Brown (Senior), the filmmaker’s father, poses for the camera as he leaves his home(?) in Wycherley Avenue, Middlesbrough, dressed smartly in a bowler hat, tie and overcoat.

Title: Grandson

Portrait shot of Tony Brown on a beach with crashing waves in the background.

Title: Grandad

Tom Brown (Senior) walks out of his front gate and prepares to get into his car. A close-up of an Automobile Association sign reads 'Road Up. Safety First.' The film cuts to a painted picture sign for 'Tom Brown’s House' on a wall.

Title: Salmon Fishers

Nets are hauled in by a group of salmon fishermen at Berwick-Upon-Tweed.

Title: Kelso. The Abbey, Founded 1128 By David I

Low angled shot of the Kelso Abbey ruins.

Title: Kelso. The Innes-Ker Memorial

General views of colonnades, a tower and courtyard.