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Home movie compilation by amateur Middlesbrough filmmaker Tom H. Brown that records the young Brown family enjoying a wartime holiday at home in Middlesbrough during the Second World War. After the war has ended, there are visits to the seaside resort of Redcar in 1945 and extensive travel in North Wales in 1946. The closing colour film sequence documents the demolition of air-raid bomb shelters in a Middlesbrough street during October 1946.

Titles: Movie No. 26
Scaling Woods 1942

Group portrait shot of Kate Brown, wife of Tom Brown, an older woman, daughter, Helen, and toddler, Tony. Tony looks towards the camera. There is a glimpse of a woman holding flowers on the left.

Title: Holidays at Home In Wartime

Tony walks towards camera in a sunhat, holding a stick. There is a jerry can on the path nearby. A close-up of Tony follows, with further shots where he looks into camera. In the background of one shot, sandbags for protection during air raids can be seen stacked against a wall. There are sequences of a young Helen Brown with a friend playing on a homemade swing in a yard. Next, the two girls pose with Tony on the swing. Tony runs towards the camera.

Title: Redcar 1945

General views of Redcar beach. Helen plays with seaweed by a sandcastle. Tony runs towards the sea. Kate Brown and an older woman sit on a bench in the sun.

Title: Linthorpe Castle

Helen puts the finishing touches to a sandcastle. Helen and Tony smile and wave at the camera, with beach and sea visible in the background. The intertitle refers to their home in Linthorpe, Middlesbrough.

Title: House Shields Carved & Coloured By T.H. Brown and Presented To Kirby School 1946

There are shots of a handmade wooden coat of arms shields on display carved with names 'Rievaulx,' 'Fountains,' 'Byland,' and 'Jervaulx,'which are the names of abbeys in North Yorkshire.

Title: Llandudno. Happy Valley

Kate Brown and her son Tony sit on deckchairs while Helen sits on the grass in the grounds of the Happy Valley public park. The three talk and smile. Helen feeds seagulls on the steps leading down to the beach. There are close-ups of seagulls. Helen and Tony are in swimsuits on Llandudno beach, with a view of the pier in the background. Tony's arm is in a makeshift patterned sling. They walk to the sea. Helen plays and swims in the sea.

Title: In Anglesey

A wooden boat rests on stilts in a boatyard. A man works on maintaining the underside of the boat.

Title: Deganwy Bathing Pool

A boy and girl climb into a white fountain in the Deganwy Swimming Pool in Conway Bay, Deganwy. There are shots of Tony Brown splashing at the pool’s edge, running and slipping in the pool. The film cuts to a general view of the pool with green hills in the distance. Adults and children swim in the pool. Tom Brown slides down a waterslide into the pool and there are shots of him swimming and talking to camera. There are group shots of first Tom, then Kate Brown, having lunch outside with their children. The film then cuts to a shot of a steam train traveling across a landscape with mountain range in the background, the peaks touched by heavy cloud.

Title: Bettws Y Coed. Swallow Falls

Helen Brown looks over Swallow Falls from a high bridge.

Title: Bettws Y Coed. Bettws Y Coed. Refreshment.

There is a close-up of Helen eating grapes. She then sits on a bench with her brother.

A sign reads 'Happy Valley. Llandudno’s Famous Entertainment Rendezvous. Jack Leslie’s Famous Pierrots. Dorothy Marno And Her Pierrettes Band.' The variety show act Dorothy Marno and band, dressed in pierrot collar costumes, perform at the open air theatre in Happy Valley park. There is a shot of Helen and Tony Brown in the audience, followed by a general view of the audience. A brief shot of a comedy double-act follows. Helen and Tony and another girl laugh at a performance. The final shot shows an energetic dance routine by the Dorothy Marno entertainers and the performers then exit through the stage curtain.

Title: 'Outside The Pale.'

A large crowd of people watch performers from the hill overlooking the theatre, which is sectioned off by wire fencing. The film shows the large audience outside, followed by some empty seats inside the venue. A sign on a cliff top reads 'Penmaenmawr.' A view of the Penmaenmawr bay follows.

Title: W.E. Gladstone

There are shots of the William Ewart Gladstone memorial bust, facing down Paradise Road, Penmaenmawr.

Title: Denbigh Castle

There is a general view of the ruins of Denbigh Castle in the landscape, with a sign in the road that reads: 'Rhyl Mold Ruthin.'

Title: Conway Castle

There are general views across railway tracks to Conwy Castle with mountains in the background, a moored boat in the harbour on the Conwy coast or river estuary, with wooded headland in the background, and the town of Conwy sheltered between hills. The sequence closes with a shot of Conwy Castle.

Title: Llandudno. Wild Waves.

A group of young children in coats and hats face a rough sea on the beach at Llandudno. The film cuts to a shot of the long Llandudno pier on the north shore with a steam ship moored at pier end. Children play on the beach in the foreground. Another steam ship travels towards the pier across the bay, probably run by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. A woman in a two-piece skirt suit walks along Llandudno beach, followed by a man in suit and hat.

Title: Bodelwyddan. The Arms of Baroness Willoughby de Broke.

There is a close-up of a carved white stone coat of arms, possibly on Bodelwyddan Castle.

Title: Snowdon Mountain Railway

Two green steam locomotive trains, with canvas curtains on the carriages, stand at platforms at Llanberis Station. A family group waits to board the train to the top of Snowdon. We can see trackside railway levers for the operation of the railway. A woman walks up to a family group on the platform. Later, a platform is crowded with people as the train pulls into the station, with a view of the mountains in the distance. There is a close-up shot taken at the intersection of two railway tracks in mist or steam. A train heads directly for the camera, then switches onto the right-hand track, just as a man steps onto the empty track, smoking a cigarette. A general view of the Snowdonia mountain scenery follows, with a glimpse of a man operating levers.

Title: Near Llanrwst.

A man and woman are cycling along a road by the River Conwy in a valley near Llanrwst. Snowdonia mountains appear in the background. Tom Brown vaults a wooden gate.

Title: October 1946. The End of the Street Air Raid Shelters.

The next sequences document stages in the demolition of brick and concrete air-raid shelters in Howe Street, Middlesbrough, using a crane mounted wreckers ball. Shots include various general views of the street of terraced houses, with brick shelters every few yards and the wreckers ball in action; jump cuts of the walls being destroyed; close-ups of the wreckers ball pounding brick rubble; close-ups of the young male driver operating a lever in the crane cabin; general views of separate piles of brick rubble down the length of the street. The clean up operation begins. A wrecker’s ball lies detached on the ground. A young man sweeps up debris whilst a small bulldozer lifts the rubble into a truck. Two young men look on as the bulldozer works. There are several scenes of the clean up. A brief shot shows a gas lamp in the street and a tall industrial chimney stands beyond the end of the street. Next, trucks unload the rubble on grass wasteland beside a pond. The film closes with a scene of two children playing at the edge of the pond and on the mound of rubble.

End title: The End