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Home movie compilation by Middlesbrough dental surgeon and amateur filmmaker Tom H. Brown that combines footage of his baby daughter Helen, outings and holidays in England and Scotland, and family activities on the bowling green. A brief record of Middlesbrough Mayor’s Sunday Procession in 1935 and a long sequence of an all-in wrestling match are included. The film also features a staged comic scene of a tooth extraction with his dentist father, Tom Brown Senior, and dental surgery staff, and the short drama 'A Picnic On The Green Sward,' made for 15 shillings in 1929 with friends from Tees-Side Cine Club. His future wife Kate plays Rita Carbo.This amateur melodrama is a send-up of British film acting in the 1920s with a lover’s quarrel, gun-toting villain, and happy ending.

Title: Movie No 14

General view over a misty valley town, probably Richmond, in Swaledale, North Yorkshire.

Title: The Swirling Swale

Various shots of the fast flowing water and rocks of the River Swale.

Title: Eggleston Abbey

General view of the abandoned monastery, Egglestone Abbey, near Barnard Castle.

Title: Ever Shadow Falls

The ruins of Egglestone Abbey are silhouetted against the sky.

Title: The Pigeons Nearby Enjoy The Solitude

Pigeons are using small dovecotes nailed to a wall.

Title: Graceful Grasmere

A man and woman in formal wear walk down a path beside the River Rothay. There are mountain ranges in the background. The film cuts to a picturesque view of a small lake. A large house is built on the waterside and mountains are in the background. Two cars and a bicycle drive by on a road beside the lake.

Title: River Tweed. The Chain Bridge.

Mabel Brown and Tom Brown Senior's brother,Willie, walk across the Chain Bridge accompanied by a young girl and woman.

Title: Churnside Friends

Four women, including Mabel Brown and a young girl, walk through a field and woods, possibly near Chirnside in Berwickshire.

Title: Helen
Title: Eleven Months

Kate Brown holds baby Helen outside 'Melrose', Middlesbrough home of the Browns. Portrait shot of her father Tom H. Brown holding his daughter outside their house. Kate pulls baby Helen in a pram down a street of brick terrace houses. There are close-ups of Helen in the pram, smiling and looking at camera, and being teased by her mother.

Title: Muskateer No 4
Title: Celebrating the Kings Jubilee 6.5.35

Various shots of Kate with friend, Albert Riley, and baby Helen, sitting on grass in the countryside, playing and squeezing the baby's cheeks.

Title: Ups-A-daisy

Helen plays on a lawn with two chairs.

Title: Helen’s Father At The Age Of 7
There is a shot of an old photographic school portrait of young boys, including Tom H. Brown.

Title: The Surgery Staff
Title: The Big Boss

Tom H. Brown’s father poses and talks to camera.

Title: Kathleen

Kathleen Moore, receptionist at the Browns' Middlesbrough dental surgery, poses for the camera.

Title: A Mixed Grill

Portrait shot of a man in glasses, Ernie Killich, technician at the surgery. Fade to portrait shot as he lights and smokes a cigarette.

Title: A Painless Extraction
Title: For There Was Never Yet Philosopher

That Could Endure The Toothache Painlessly. Shakespeare
The dental technicians enact a comic extraction. A  man in a white dentist’s uniform gestures to the Big Boss complaining of pain from a bad tooth. The Big Boss (grinning) pulls out a pair of pliers and proceeds to pull a very large tooth from the man’s mouth. The man gives him a thumbs-up.

Title: Our 2 1/2 D Melodrama featuring Rita Carbo and John Filbert

Title: Produced In 1929 At The Enormous Expense Of 15 Shillings!
Credit: Photography By F. M. Wrothwell, E.F. Joyner; T.H. Brown

Title: A Picnic On The Green Sward

A group of men and women sit in a row on a grassy bank and lark around. A woman (Kate) begins to hit one of the men (Tom H. Brown.)

Title: A Lovers Quarrel--Lackaday

They have a lover’s quarrel and Tom skulks off.

Title: Grief, Rita Carbo

Brief close-up of the downcast woman.

Title: The Dirty Villain, F. Wrothwell

A man in a fake western hat emerges from behind a bush and spots the group of friends. The 'dirty villain' slides down the bank holding a gun and startles the friends. He accosts the three women and manhandles one of them.

Title: ‘No, No, A Thousand Times No.’

He roughly abducts the woman. The lover returns and wrestles with the villain, overpowering him and throwing him to the ground. He stands over the villain in a triumphant gesture. His lover cheers him on.

Title: My Hero

The lovers are reunited and hug. The other cowardly men in the group return and congratulate the hero. They gather around the hero in a ring and dance in a manic style.

Title: Love will find a way

Tom, dressed in a Scottish Highland hat, kisses Kate passionately.

Title: ‘Home James And Don’t Spare The Horses

The two lovers walk into the distance hand-in-hand and fall over.

Title: ‘And They Lived Happily Ever After.’

Title: The Teeside Cine Club Has A Spell Off

The film cuts to two men and two women, wearing similar all-in-one bathing suits, who are walking back onto the beach from the sea. They all sit in a row in the shallow sea and pose. Redcar pier is visible on the right.

Title: Baby Ways

Close-ups of Helen’s face as she sits in a pram.

[The next sequence runs slow.]

Title: Mayor’s Sunday 1935
Councillor A. Elstrop Mayor

Police accompany a procession with the Middlesbrough Mayor, his wife, dressed in a fur collared coat, and other local dignitaries. Close-up of the official Mayors Sunday program. The procession arrives at a podium fenced around with British flags in Albert Park.

A long sequence of a professional wrestling match (unidentified) follows, filmed from the ringside.

Title: Helen. Aged 1 Year 11 Months

Helen plays in a fenced garden with a toy dog on wheels and pulls faces for the camera.

Title: We Show Signs Of Age
Kate Brown and her mother-in-law, Mabel Brown, play a game of bowls.

Title: Not enough ‘Pep’
Kate then plays bowls with a friend in a polka dot sundress. Tom Brown bowls a ball.

Title: Hard Lines
The film cuts to Tom Brown with Helen and another adult, riding in a fairground boat on a boating pool, with pagoda in the background.

Title: Floors Castle, nr Kelso.

Some heraldic details of the Duke of Roxburghe (Sir G.V.R.J Innes Kerr.)

Title: The Gateway to Floors Castle, near Kelso.

There is a shot of a large stone and wrought iron gateway, a stone building (gatekeeper's cottage) and parked car.

Title: The Ker Crest

Shot of the Ker Crest of a unicorn’s head and motto, carved in stonework above a doorway.

Title: The Duke’s Coat of Arms
Title: N.B. The 'Cavemen' as Supporters

Shot of a family crest supported by two cavemen, set in elaborate decorative wrought iron work.

Title: Finally, The Innes Crest

The final shot is of the Innes crest above a doorway, featuring a boar’s head motto carved in stonework.

End credits: Photography By Thomas H. Brown