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Home movie compilation by Tom H. Brown, with comic intertitles throughout. The film captures leisure time fun and games with Tom and Kate Brown, family and friends in the countryside and coastline around North Yorkshire and County Durham, including Kilton Woods, Hutton Rudby and Blackhall Rocks on the North Sea coast. The film includes a brief trick film sequence entitled 'Levitation By Professor Shampooski,' and dancing with the filmmaker's great grandmother, Mary Ann Corby.  A record of the 1930 Mayor’s Sunday procession through Middlesbrough concludes the compilation.

A brief sequence from the Tees-side Cine Club's Sherlock Holmes spoof drama, The Kiltoun Cup, appears before titles.

Title: Movie No. 1

Credit: Directed by Oslo Shampooski

Credit: Talkie Version by Ima Dumbell

Kate Brown and a male friend walk down a Middlesbrough street.

Title: The Devotional Hour

Kate and two friends walk out of a church graveyard. Tom and two friends walk through hilly countryside.

Title: Ally

Tom performs a somersault down a grassy bank. He then takes up a pose for the camera. Kate and friends watch from the bank.

Kate Brown, Frank Joyner and a woman friend stand in a street near the Wheat Sheaf Inn, Hutton Rudby.

Title: Great Stuff this Er Tea!

Kate, Frank and a woman friend go into the Wheat Sheaf Inn. Frank points at the 'Free House' sign.

Title: Tennis Stars At Wimbledon 1930

A group of friends are playing tennis together on outdoor grass courts. Tom partners his mother, Mabel Brown. After tennis, a group of men and women dance jokily at the edge of the court. Then, they line up in a row and perform dance kicks, Tom joining them mid shot. A line-up of the friends pose and joke around for the camera.

Title: Put Me Amongst The Boys

A woman poses between two male friends and Tom runs into the shot and pulls faces.

Title: Outing To Kilton Woods

Kate and two women step off a United Coach on the Lingdale-Marton-Nunthorpe-Guisbro-Boosbeck route. A group of friends walk through a gateway in the countryside. They include Kate and Frank Joyner.

Title: On The Way

The group of friends are having a picnic by a tree.

Title: How To Put On Weight

Next, a woman eats a boiled egg and smiles at the camera. The group then walk across a wooden bridge over a stream in Kilton woods. Some of the group wave at the camera.

Title: The Toreador

A man walks through a gate and towards a bull or cow standing on a path.

Title: The Vanquished

The bull trots away down the path and the man turns back towards the camera and smiles. A shot of two cows follows.

Title: The Hotel De Kilton

There is a shot of a derelict house. Kate Brown and friends pose at the window and climb out across the window ledge.

Title: Which Way Captain?

The group consult a map and head off down their chosen route.

Title: The End Of A Perfect Day

A dark shot of three distant, silhouetted figures walking by the sea in the late evening.

Title: Lord Rothschild In His Rolls Royce

Herbert and Agnes Punch drive towards camera with their son, Michael, and a dog in the back seat. They wave back at the camera as they pass by. In the background, a United Coach is parked at the roadside, with its banner advert for Dickson & Benson Ltd. Visible. The car parks and Kate talks to them and pats the dog. There is a view of the street activity in the background. Next, there is another shot of the car and passengers, with a low hill in the background. They smile at camera.

Title: Pavlova And Her Corpses De Bally

Tom Brown's mother, Mabel, and a very old Great Grandma Mary Ann Corby are in the garden of a brick house. Tom Brown Senior's mother-in-law, Mary Ann Corby performs a dance. Tom Brown runs into shot and dances with his grandmother. Mabel Brown joins them. Tom teases his grandmother about her dancing and they have a mock fight.

Mabel Brown and Kate sit on a grassy bank.

Title: The Fashion Section

Agnes Punch puts on a cloche hat and models it for the camera.

Title: Filling Up

The Punches stop for petrol in a town street. A sign advertises 'Pratts High Test.' Herbert Punch closes the car bonnet.

Title: Al Fresco

Two women mount a pair of horses in front of a large mansion house and ride away.

Title: After Dinner. Rest Awhile

Kate Brown, Tommy Graham and other friends are lounging in the countryside.

Title: The Official Photographer

Overhead shot of a smartly dressed photographer on the street. The photographer walks back across the street and aims his camera at the filmmaker. In the background, people line the street in readiness for the Middlesbrough Mayor’s Sunday Procession in 1930.

Title: Only A Youngster

Close-up of Kate Brown holding a small chick in her hand.

Title: Run Along Home

She puts down the chick and it runs away.

Title: Seaton Crew. Us!

Kate and friends, including Frank Joyner and Hiram Dawson, sit against a seawall on the beach.

Title: Hiram K. Dawson and his Ceegar

Tom and friends joke around. Hiram K. Dawson smokes a cigar and Tom takes a puff.

Title: Don’t Go Down The Mine

Kate and friends walk across rocks at a cliff face

Title: Blackhall Rock

There is a general view of the cliff side limestone rocks and caves at Blackhall Rocks. Kate and friends climb the rocks.

Title: Eros

Harold Dawson strikes a pose as an Eros statue, balancing on the rocks. Friends look on and Kate and another man help Harold with his pose.

Title: 'Lettuce' Eats

A man in the group takes an exaggerated bite of lettuce and friends picnic on the rocks. There are shots of the arch and stack structures of the limestone rocks.

Title: Levitation By Professor Shampooski

With Tom Brown as the actor, this section shows a brief scene of trick photography. A figure with a bandaged head conjures up the dead. A prone man on the ground suddenly jerks up to a standing position. A reverse motion shot and split screen technique is used. The scene takes place in countryside.

Title: Our Country Seat

A man runs up an exterior stairway to a veranda at a country house and greets his friends. Three women that include Kate Brown pose for the camera on the exterior veranda.

Title: On Location In Barnard Castle Woods
Title: The Two Muffs

Kate Brown shakes hands with Harold Dawson. Kate and two men examine a camera and tripod set up, looking through the camera lens at the framed shot. One of the men jokes around. Kate is helped over stepping stones across a river.

Title: Barnard Castle

There is a general view of Barnard Castle by a river. Next, Kate poses for the camera, a large house in the background. She steps onto a rock at the side of a swiftly running river. A late evening shot of Barnard Castle with river shadows and silhouetted trees follows.

Title: Pa and Ma Off To Devon

Tom Brown’s mother and father get into their car to drive to Devon.

Title: Mayor’s Sunday 1930

Sequence on the Mayor’s Sunday procession in 1930. It opens with a general view of a wide Middlesbrough street with crowds lining the road. A man and woman push a pram down the street. Tom Brown uses vignettes for artistic effect on the following scenes. Cyclists ride along the route and there are general views of the crowds and route for the procession. The vignettes continue throughout.

Title: The Terriors

The Territorial Army march past, fronted by a band and accompanied by police on horseback.

Title: The Boy’s Brigade

There are shots of the procession of Boys Brigade members.

Title: The Boy Scouts

Boy scouts in uniform, and accompanied by Scoutmasters, march by in the procession.

Title: The Mayor & Mayoress - Councillor & Mrs Levick

There is a very brief shot of the Middlesbrough Mayor and Mayoress, Councillor H. D. Levick and his wife, followed by local dignitaries in judicial wigs.

Title: Mr W. Edwards Late High School Headmaster

There is a brief shot of W. Edwards as he marches past.

Title: 'Gwen and some gee gees.'

Women parade down the street. Shots of the audience and close-ups of Ladies Parade members follow.

Title: Roseberry Topping

The Roseberry Topping peak is pictured in the landscape.

Title: Captain Joyner Does A Little Scouting

Frank Joyner, dressed in knickerbockers, kneels down and appears to be surveying the lay of the land.

Title: Allez-Up

A group of friends stand and watch as Tom Brown performs an acrobatic headstand on his prone friend’s knees.