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NEFA 21594



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An amateur film made by Victor Sidney Carman of family events taking place during 1952. There are family scenes, including a children’s birthday party, taking place in the garden of a family’s prefabricated house in Wallsend as well as a family trip to St Mary's Lighthouse and Spanish City funfair at Whitley Bay. The film includes views of the Newcastle Quayside at night with traffic crossing the lit up Tyne Bridge.

Title: Movie Magazine 1952

The film begins with a family in a garden of a house playing with a ball. In the background is what appears to be an Anderson air raid shelter. They all hold hands and play ring-a-ring-a-roses.

Two men come out of a  prefabricated, or prefab, house at 1 Ohio Avenue, Wallsend [now demolished] and walk down the road. A  train pulls into a railway station and people get on board.

The film cuts to a man in the middle of a road using a rod to turn a water pipe. A man carrying a satchel walks away and waves back at the camera.  Standing in the doorway of one of the prefabricated houses is a woman holds a baby.

The film cuts to show people walking along the causeway leading to St Mary's Lighthouse at Whitley Bay. The lighthouse is surrounded by scaffolding.

At a fun fair, possibly Spanish City in Whitley Bay, people enjoy riding a roller coaster while other enjoy riding a dive bomber. Near the entrance to another ride a sign reads 'The Old Favourite'. The film cuts to the beach and views of a Punch and Judy show. The sequence ends with a view from inside a speeding dodgem car.

The film cuts to a budgerigar in a cage. In the backyard of a house, a woman poses beside a man holding the budgerigar cage. The film changes to the Newcastle Quayside at night with traffic crossing the lit up Tyne Bridge.

General views of the exterior of the parish church of St Peter’s on Church Bank at Wallsend.  The flag of St George flies from the roof.

A man and a child are in the garden besides what appears to be an corrugated iron Anderson shelter. [Colour] The film cuts to shows a number of birthday cards that read '2'. Back in the garden children play games as part of a birthday party.  General view of a budgerigar in a cage followed by a steam train passing by on railway line next to the garden. The film ends with family members playing in the garden.