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An amateur film made by Victor Sidney Carman of various events of relevance to him taking place during 1951. The film records a family trip to the beach at Whitley Bay and views of terraced streets both in Wallsend and Batley in West Yorkshire where children are filmed playing in empty plots possibly the result of World War Two bomb damage. Nurses pose with children at a hospital near Morpeth and a boy takes a bike ride near Alnwick Castle in Northumberland. The film ends with crowds looking over two Royal Navy ships moored along the Newcastle Quayside.

Title: City Productions Presents

 Title: Movie Magazine 1951

The film begins with a family playing in the surf on the beach at Whitley Bay. A woman places a toddler onto the back of an older woman. An older girl poses with the toddler on the sand.

The film changes to show a bus standing at a T-junction. An old man walks into a terraced house while a woman in an apron stands in the doorway. General views of a terraced street. A couple walk past St Peters the Parish Church at Wallsend.

General views of two quiet streets. A boy leads a pony along a main road believed to be Batley in West Yorkshire. A road sign above a grocers shop reads 'West Street'.  General views of terraced streets, some with empty plots where children play.

A Third Class Pullman carriage stands on the platform at Wallsend Railway Station, a guard stands by the door.

Nurses pose with children on a lawn while another nurse takes a photograph. General views of a large building complex, believed to be a hospital at Morpeth.

The film cuts to show ducks on a pond and flower beds in a park, possibly Jesmond Dene. A woman feeds birds from a bench; a man stands nearby. Another man poses beside a war memorial.

General views of The Green near Wallsend Town Hall. Another war memorial stands nearby as well as terraced houses. The film cuts to show a cinema showing the film 'The Blue Lagoon' [released1949].

The film cuts to show chicken coop followed by a view of a train passing through Batley Railway Station. The film changes to show a waterfall and river.

A boy rests his bike in a field overlooking Alnwick Castle. There are views of the exterior of the castle.

The film ends on Newcastle Quayside where a crowd look over two Royal Navy vessels moored there. Along the side of one of the ships is the pennant 889.