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YFA 5940



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This is a compilation of three films made by amateur filmmaker John (Jack) E Dyson of Leeds.  The first focuses on Blackpool, t the second autumn, and the third shows the Dyson boys going out collecting “penny for the Guy.”

Title – Movement

This is a film of various images, often short, of Blackpool, linked together as a sort of montage.  It begins showing a train passing, being pulled by a steam locomotive.  It is followed by a scene of lots of pedestrians on busy streets.  There is a brief shot of a vintage racing car setting off on a race, and many of the rides and other amusements at Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach including the rocket rides and the big wheel.  There is a shot of the memorial statue to the crew of St Anne’s Lifeboat, at Lytham St Anne’s, followed by gulls on a very windy beach with Blackpool Tower in the distance.  (The notes that came with the film make reference to a “Limestone area”)

Title – The End

Title – Prelude to Winter

Mrs Dyson and one of her sons are at their front door.  This is followed by autumnal scenes of bare trees, fast flowing streams and a church.  

Title – “A Wise Guy”

(B&W)  Mrs Dyson is at home with the pet dog.  Two boys run out and go to a grocery shop, “Albert Moxom” corner shop at Hollyshaw Lane, Leeds.  Here, there are two children outside with a Guy in a pushchair collecting for Guy Fawkes Day.  They run out of the shop again and back home where they are joined by their other brother.  The boys go into the garage to get out their own Guy.  This they take, also in a pushchair, back to the shop which now seems to have been vacated by the other two children.  The boys start collecting for themselves.  A woman comes out of the shop and gives them some money.  The Guy then removes his mask to reveal one of the boys.