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This film features various events related to the Newfield School, outside Sheffield, in 1965. They include art classes, athletic championships, and mountaineering activities.

Title - Mountaineering in Hurfield

The film opens with a group of boys standing by a gate and in the school yard making their way into school. Standing near the front door, the head teacher blows a whistle to signal the beginning of the school day. The boys enter the school, climb the stairs to the classroom, and take their seats at the desks.
In Art class, the students are working on different creative works including paintings and sculpture. There are close ups of the paintings, and some of the boys use the pottery wheel to make bowls.

Title - Hurfield Boys Secondary School - Programme of the Athletic Championships to be held on the School Sports field on Tuesday, 20th July, 1965 commence at 6:30pm

On the school sports field seats are lined up along the perimeter of the racetrack. Children and parents are seated ready to watch the event, and a scoreboard can be seen in the background. Four teams are listed on the scoreboard: Anson, Beatty, Nelson, and Rodney. Commentary is also being provided for the event by seated at a small table with a microphone. There are many races, and the times are recorded in the scorebook. There are also other events including the discus throw and high jump. After each long jump competitor, the judge measures the distance, and the sand is raked back into place for the next athlete.

The next portion of the film begins on the school tennis courts. The boys are gathered together for a lesson. The instructor teaches them the proper technique in holding and swinging the racket. The boys then practice and scrimmage each other in pairs games.

Back on the school field, three boys get ready to launch a small rocket. The rest of the members of the class stand nearby to see but still out of the way. They all cheer when the rocket is launched and race towards the rocket once it has landed.

The next portion of the film begins with a West Yorkshire bus going over a bridge. There are road signs nearby for Malham Tarn. The boys sit on the bridge and then set off on a footpath lined with a stone fence. They are hiking through a scenic landscape of countryside and venture towards the hills.
On a similar hiking trip, some of the older boys are dropped off on the roadside in the dales. They climb over the fence carrying all their gear. The boys go rock climbing. They are roped together, and there are spotters at the bottom of the rock while others climb. The film closes with the boys successfully making the climb to the top of the rock.