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YFA 2125



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Part of the Shucksmithl Collection, this film features a sports day which took place at the Mount School as well as scenes of a wedding reception and family day out at the seaside.

The film begins on the seaside, and there are men in clown outfits. A young girl does a few gymnastic tricks for a crowd. Following this are shots of the coastline and the waves crashing up along the rocky beach.

Next, a boy and girl pose for the camera in a back garden. This is followed by shots of the main table at a wedding reception. There are close-ups of the bride and groom as well as some of the guests seated at the table which is specially set for the event. Outside of the reception, some of the younger guests post for the camera, smiling and laughing.

The next scene takes place at the Mount School, York. There are a group of girls who each have a close up shot. The girls play and have tea in a striped tent.

A sports day is held at the school, and the girls participate in a few different races. For one of the races, the girls must hold onto their ankles and make their way to the finish line. There is also a wheelbarrow race, a swimming gala, more school races including an egg and spoon race, and backwards racing. All the girls appear to be having a fun time, many of them smiling for the camera.

There is a brief shot of awards being handed out to some of the race winners. This is followed by a gymnastics display with synchronized routines as well as vaulting. The girls also perform country dancing routines. The different refreshment tents which have been set up can be seen, and there are panning shots of the school grounds and buildings. The film ends with shots of some of the spectators which have turned out for the events.