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YFA 2124



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This film features part of a Military Parade which took place in York as well as some school sporting activities at the Mount School.

The film opens with scenes of the military parade (seen in film no. 2123). The large procession is made up of military personnel from various divisions of the armed services. There are also a few marching bands which take part in the procession. Following the parade, the large crowd which has gathered near the Mister begins to disperse, flooding into the streets.

There is a brief scene of two women wading in the water at the seaside before a gymnastics display which takes place at the Mount School. It is a sunny day, and the girls perform a gymnastics display using a vault. The girls then perform a dance, Isadora Duncan style. The shot is from the front and includes a synchronised dance.

The film closes which scenes of a picnic at Scarborough with a group of young girlfriends. They play in the sea and eat a picnic.