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YFA 2123



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This short film was taken at the Mount School in York and features some of the pupils participating in sporting events including netball and hockey. Additionally, there is footage of a military parade in York.

The film begins with girls from The Mount School York playing netball in the playground. There are shots of shooting at goal, and the girls are dressed in traditional gymslips. There is a white cloud of smoke in the background, and it appears to be a wed and gloomy day. The trees surrounding the court are bare. Following the netball game, the girls play a game of hockey. Some of the teachers and other students have gathered around the court to watch.

There is a brief shot of a seawall before two girls are seen playing tennis. It is a sunny day.

The next portion of the film documents a military service parade which processes past the York Mister. The parade is made up of different groups of service men and women as well as marching bands.