Film ID:
YFA 4784



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This film documents a garden party which features students, parents, teachers and representatives from The Mount (all-girl's school) and Bootham (all boy's school) in York, 1949.

The film opens with a shot of school girls walking on a tennis court and many of the party guests can be seen mingling on the grass in the background. A panning view shows the garden decked out with chairs with people sat round tables and waitresses entering shot carrying plates of food. A shot shows several men sat round a table and a woman in apron brings cake to their table. Various shots show the guest enjoying the party; some are at tables eating, others standing around talking to fellow guests. Several portrait shots capture young men, some of whom salute the camera or comb their hair back.

The next sequence opens with a young couple standing before the camera chairing. More shots capture the crowd, including one woman who smiles at the camera wearing a fetching bonnet. The party continues with filmmaker focusing on the guests; some of whom pose for the camera, ignore it and carry on their conversations, or, in the case of one young man, just try to avoid it altogether. The final shot shows a family moving away from the green.