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YFA 2107



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This film is part of the Mount School collection and contains footage from a variety of events and dates that was taken from a BBC documentary on Margaret Drabble 1951-56.

The film opens with girls in sports dresses on the court playing netball. Some students stand around watching and a teacher coaches.

A girl runs along a street with a small dog chasing her.

The students are outside playing hockey while spectators and the teachers watch. There is a brief shot of the sea crashing over a sea wall and then shots of students in a tennis court playing tennis.

A Mayoral procession takes place in York, heading from the Minster in the direction of Lendal Bridge. There are crowds of spectators lining the street watching as an army marching band makes its way along, followed by lots of different ranks and types of soldier including Canadian Mounties. Behind them are a group of young boys in sailor's uniforms, who are accompanied by adults in the uniforms. Once the procession is over the crowd mingles and fills the street; there is a brief shot of a crowded Coney street.

Two girls paddle in the sea with sandals and coats on.

A class of girls are doing arm exercises and then it cuts to them doing gymnastics outside. Two teachers stand on either side of the equipment, hold them in their positions once they have jumped onto them and then help them to jump down from them. After this they do dance moves with a teacher.

Three girls sit on a blanket outside and have a picnic, then shots of their parents. Two girls run out of the sea towards the camera and then they are on a row boat smiling at the camera.

In the next shot are a few men dressed as clowns and standing on a small wooden stage. Several young children are around them smiling and one child does handstands for them all.

There are shots of the rough sea crashing on the rocks. A man and a woman walk along rocks and look at the sea crashing upon them; the waves to the camera.

Young boy stands in a front garden and smiles at the camera and then a young woman also poses for the camera. The following piece is taken from inside at a wedding reception. The married couple smile at the camera and the camera pans across the room and captures the other guests smiling and having a meal. There is another shot of some of the guests as they stand outside in the garden. There is a brief shot of two of the girls running up the garden towards the camera.

A group of girls play with a black Scottish terrier; they stroke and hold the dog and then the shot cuts to them sitting in a little tent shelter in the garden having tea. A woman lifts up a cake stand which is laden with cakes and sandwiches and they eat and talk.

Following this, the group of girls are having a sports day. They are taking part in cartwheel races, standing on small plant pots and running races and sack races. There are shots of the teachers and students laughing and smiling at camera.

Some girls put on their swimming hats and dive into a pool-then they sit down in a row on a step and look at the camera

Next shot is the girls sitting in a garden having another tea party, and then they link arms and walk towards the camera.

There students take part in an obstacle course where they climb under desks, backwards egg and spoon races, balancing stick on their palms and another obstacle course. Brief shots of girls and teachers outside seated at a desk; girls walk up to the desk and show the teachers the end of their skirts. Then crowd of girls in shorts uniforms walk around in circles holding hands

In the next section the girls are dancing and doing ballet style group dancing. Lots of people have gathered at the school for an open day. A marquee has been set up and people walk around the grounds, talk to each other and sit in the sunshine. There are shots from the end of the garden taking in the school buildings, the tennis court, and the marquee.

A group of toddlers run towards the camera and then a group of men are filmed in the grounds smiling at the camera. A men's sprint race is taking place in a field and lots of men have gathered to watch.