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YFA 2154



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This film is part of the Mount School Collection and contains footage of a Whit Sunday gathering at Bootham School, footage of evacuees from Bootham School in Ampleforth College and many of the classes and activities in which the students take part.

The film opens on Whit Sunday in the Pavilion at Bootham School where a group of parents have gathered. Mr Arnold Rowntree is talking to Donald Gray. The staff wear Panama hats and long dresses whilst the girls are in uniform of white dresses. There are brief shots of Arnold Rowntree.

A little boy drops his bike at the base of stone steps and runs up them. The shot cuts to an indoor swimming pool and a man carrying a young boy as he dunks up and down in the water. Some small children stand at the edge of the pool and jump into a woman's arms.

Some men and women have gathered in a garden and are having a tea party. Two young women carrying plates and wearing handkerchiefs over their faces carry plates towards some men who are seated at a table.

A large marquee has been erected and there are tables and chairs all over the grounds. Some men talk to the camera while one holds his toddler up and smiles; another man speaks through a megaphone and laughs.

Some children are putting on a medieval play on a small stage.

Title-Autumn Term 1939

There is a panning shot all the way across a hill looking at Ampleforth College in North Yorkshire. A man and a woman stand outside; she holds a cat and he smiles at the camera as he opens a letter. There is a crowd of students gathered outside the school where they are preparing to go for a cross country run. They start running down the hill towards the camera and off across the countryside and up the hills.

The boys enter the school wearing mackintoshes and in another part of the school a group of older boys walk around the school with a master. There are several shots of the various buildings and parts of the grounds.

Some of the boys are helping to repair a shed, paint a fence and sweep excess water off a roller skating court. There are shots of the boys playing roller skating hockey and a long shot of a line of boys walking along the field towards the school.

A sign reads `Bootham School' and the camera pans to the right to show a sign for `York County Hospital Extension'. A bus pulls up outside the school and some boys get out and laugh at the camera. Then there are a few shots of a rugby match and a man and a woman on the side-lines who smile and laugh at the camera.

A sign reads `Scarborough and Ravenscar' and this is followed by long shots of Cober Hill and a panning shot of a house on a hill. Another sign reads `This bridge is not strong. Not more than two persons may be on it at one. Please walk.' A group of girls go across the bridge two at a time and then run down a lane.

Students dissect animals in a classroom in a conservatory building, while in another room an art class is taking place. There is a brief shot of some of the students having a meal with a teacher and then shots of the teachers having tea outside; they chat and laugh as they drink their cups of tea.

A group of students walk down a path and into a field. Then they run across the field and down to the rocky sea shore, where they climb on the rocks. Back at the school, some students stand outside the window of the infirmary, where there are children with chicken pox; they are escorted away by Sister Wallis.

A group of older students follow their teacher down a small path; they are carrying bags, easels, fold up chairs and nets. They dig around in the pond and catch a big toad in a glass jar.