Film ID:
YFA 4783



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This film documents an outdoor luncheon at the Mount School and features guests from Bootham School as well. There are also exerts from some sporting matches that include Cricket, Tennis and Croquet.

The film opens with several suited men sitting around, smoking pipes on the green outside Bootham School. More shots show different individuals mingling and chatting. There is then a shot of flag with the Yorkshire rose hung outside a building. An outdoor luncheon is then captured with people sitting around benches and other smartly dressed guests arriving. Shots then show two ladies wearing furs and hats messing about with each other.

The action then turns to a tennis match with a large crowd watching from the side-lines. A brief close up captures the male umpire keeping watch, before a sequence shows people having tea, sandwiches and cakes in the gardens beside the now deserted tennis courts. More shots capture the attendees chatting and sharing jokes, before there are brief exerts from croquet and cricket matches.

A large motorised roller rolls down across the cricket path while two young boys watch. The cricketers talk to an older man in a dark suit just outside the pavilion, before the cricket match resumes. The film concludes with more guests standing around chatting and some final shots of the outdoor luncheon.