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This is a film showing the features of the new ferry service between Hull and Gothenburg that started in 1966, with the passage of the Spero, of Ellerman's Wilson, and of the Saga G?teborg, of the Swedish Lloyd Line.

Title: England Sweden Line present - Motorway to Europe
Hull to Gothenburg: Gateway to Scandinavia

The film begins with cars queuing up to board the ferry at Hull for Gothenburg, and passengers making their way to the Terminal. A bus arrives from Hull bringing more passengers, putting labels on their luggage. Some are sitting in the waiting area. As the passengers board the Spero in their cars, they stop to have their passports checked. The drive through a tunnel marked 'Gothenburg' onto the ferry. Once on board an ELS worker takes their bags and the cars are strapped down. Other passengers board the ferry using a new moving walkway. Stewardesses greet them on arrival, and they are shown to their rooms. The ferry is slowly tugged from the Port along the Humber, passing other ships and dockside cranes.

Another ferry, the 'Saga G?teborg', is loaded with goods, before leaving the Humber and heading out to sea. On board passengers are in the bar and restaurant (it isn't clear which of the ferries this is). In the caf?, some young people use the jukebox and sit down against a montage of pop pictures on the wall.

In the bar a couple of young women in the latest fashion are served drinks, and there are couples dancing. One young woman in sunglasses sips at her cocktail. On the deck, passengers lounge in deckchairs. The Saga passes another ferry going in the opposite direction. Passengers take a look around the on-board shop. On arrival in Gothenburg an ELS worker makes his way along the container deck on a scooter. The containers are taken off the ship and office worker plots their destinations on a map. Passengers disembark in their cars from the Spero, from Hull.

England Sweden Line - The End