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YFA 3213



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This training film shows drivers the right and wrong way of using motorways.

The film opens with a convertible driving along a motorway; a family of four are in the car. The voice over says that they are on a motorway for the first time but that they have brought their old bad driving habits with them. The car is weaving over onto other lanes and some of the cars beep as they pass them.

Then the car pulls just off the side of the road and the passengers all get out for a stretch. The voice over remarks that they haven't even pulled off the road fully, and now the man is going for a smoke. The voice over calls the man and says that you can't park there; the motorway is for vehicles to keep moving. Then the voice over says `look out'; the man jumps out of the path of a truck which is driving along the motorway. The voice over says that you can't even park on the motorway unless it's an emergency and then you have to pull off the road onto the hard shoulder. The man beckons to his family to get back into the car and they pull back into a lane and drive off.

The next scene is shot from inside a man's car; the voice over says that this man knows all of the rules of the motorway. He stays to his own lane, doesn't speed and enjoys the drive. The voice over describes how great the motorway is; no corners and miles and miles of open, straight road. There are shots of the driver yawning more and more and then a shot of the speedometer. A shot from the point of view of the driver shows the car weaving over and back across the lanes and the driver starts to doze off. He almost crashes into a cement embankment but wakes up in time and pulls into the hard shoulder. The voice over says that, `drowsing at the wheel can be deadly,' and that this driver was lucky. There is a shot of the driver leaning out of his car window and rubbing his face in shock.

The next piece informs the audience of how to overtake safely on the motorway. A couple are driving along in a convertible and the voiceover describes the steps to take if you want to overtake a vehicle. Look in your rear view mirror, pull out carefully, overtake and pull back in again smoothly. There are shots of the driver making all of these moves. Then the voice over says how not to overtake and shows the driver not looking in his mirror before pulling out and almost causing a pile-up. The voice over says that they were lucky and that we may not be.

The next scene starts with shots from inside the car in the back seat looking at the driver and passenger. The voice over says that this driver is about to make `one of the deadliest sins of the motorway'. The woman tells the driver that they have missed the exit and that there is not another one for a long time. He says that he does not want to drive on further so he does a U-turn and drives across the division in the motorway and tries to get onto the other side of the road. The cars are speeding along and narrowly miss him. The woman says she will get out of the car as he is mad. He finally agrees to get back onto the correct side of the road and to continue on to the next exit.

The final scene describes the hard shoulder on the motorway and what it is to be used for. There are shots of a large lorry with a sleeping driver pulled into it and then shots of a man with a flat tyre. The voice over says that it is not for pulling in and having a snooze, for stretching your legs or having a picnic on.

Title-Presented by Shell-Mex and B.P. LTD. In the interests of road safety.

Title-Commentary-Jack Warner, Serial E.