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YFA 1736



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This is a film made by made by Derrick Walton of various motoring events in Yorkshire in 1952.  It includes car and motorcycle races and trials, in Lothersdale, Cononley, Skipton, Easby, Esholt Park, Gargrave, Scarborough and the Isle of Man.  There is also a hydroplanes event at Yeadon Tarn.

Title – The YSCC Trial 1952
Photography by D P Walton

Contestants are shown at the start of the race.

Intertitle – Lothersdale

The cars struggle around the bumpy and muddy course.

Intertitle – Cononley

Cars are shown negotiating another section of the course.

Intertitle – Skipton

Contestants or spectators arrive, and then the cars undertake various manoeuvres.

Intertitle – Easby

Several cars all get stuck in the same very muddy spot.  The spectators all walk off, with one man turning around to hold his child up to the camera.

Intertitle – Hydroplanes, Yeadon Tarn

A large crowd has gathered around the water, with a shop canopy in the background advertising the Yorkshire Observer.  One of the boats is called ‘Thunderbolt’.  Several boats are shown speeding across the water.  One of the engines is shown in close up.  They race each other around the water, one stopping to re-fuel.

The film switches to show a billboard advertising the Esholt Park Motor Cycle Racing on Easter Monday and Tuesday, 14th and 15th April.  The contestants wheel their bikes to the starting line and then push off and jump on the bikes to start them.  The race is shown from various vantage points around the course with spectators lining the route.  Some is filmed in slow motion.

Intertitle – Battle of the river Plate

The mock sea battle is taking place in Peasholm Park, Scarborough, with a large crowd of spectators.

The End

Title – TT Races 1952, Douglas, 4.0 am

Passengers are getting off a ship, ‘Mona’s Isle’.  A submarine is just offshore.  A group of bikers are being filmed from the front of a van, in slow motion.  Then we see some of the race from various places around the route.  A couple of spectators are having a nap behind a wall.  Then spectators are shown driving along the routes themselves on motorbikes and in cars.  The Senior Leader Board is shown.  Les Graham, number 17, who was runner up, is seen wheeling his bike off, surrounded by spectators.  Another rider signs autographs and a man with a cloth cap and a pipe sits on a Norton (number 40).

Intertitle – 6pm

A large group of passengers board a ship, ‘Fleetwood’, near a lighthouse.

Intertitle – Gargrave grass track races

A bike is taken off a car trailer and riders wait ready for the start.  As they race around the circuit, one man lies on his back filming form low down.

Intertitle – Racing at Scarboro’ 1952

Some of the race is shown, followed by some spectators stood in front of a packed car park.  As they come around a bend the leader has a severe wobble but manages to stay on.  The race is shown from various vantage points.  Three planes pass overhead in formation.

Intertitle – Alvis OC Rally 1952

Cars arrive for the rally, mostly open top.  The rally is filmed as the cars pass over a wooden bridge over a canal, in the Silsden area.  Each car is stopped and checked by a steward.  They come back over the same bridge.  They go up a bend in a cobbled hill.