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YFA 1550



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This is a film documenting a day out full of fishing, motorbike riding and stunts, as well as swimming and horseback riding. The film features scenes as described by the following titles.

The film opens with many holidaymakers on the camping grounds near a caravan.
Title - We fish for Breakfast
Title - After house of (wr)angling
The fish caught for breakfast are together on the line.
Title - The total catch was
Shot of two very small fish
Title - So we resort to Bacon and Eggs and Kippers
The men are gathered around cooking a meal
Title - After breakfast we proceed to the business of Lizzie Bisting?
Two men ride around a field on motorbikes. One falls off his bike, his friends gathered around watching. This happens a few times.
Title - Cyclone Walter shows us how
Water tries to turn in circles but is unable to manage this feat and falls off his bike.
Title - Whirlwind Bob - nearly breaks his neck as long as the record
Title - The Cooks Mates get busy with stead for dinner - chef pronounces peas and potatoes
Finally dinner is ready and all the men gather round the table for dinner.
Title - Doesn't it look like? And it was too.
Title - Someone suggested a bathe in the fiver so the mannequins get a chance to show their latest costumes
Two of the men pose with towels and long coats.
Title - The Plunge is Taken
The men dive in and swim in the river.
Title - Instructions in the art of keeping ones head above water
Title - A friend drops in to hear the wireless
Here the men are sitting around the radio, some playing with animals.
Title - Darkness came on all too soon but we were all tired after a strenuous day.
The rest of the film consists of brief scenes of motorbike racing tricks, the men on the camping grounds near the caravan, and horseback riding.