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YFA 538



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Part of the Pashley Collection, this film is a record of motorcycle races at Wortley in Leeds. The film also features footage of Robert Thompson's shop in Kilburn, North Yorkshire.

The film begins as the riders are lined up for the start of the race. The race begins, and the riders race along the dirt track. They have to climb a steep hill and go through many turns. The race is captured from different vantage points around the course, and at many points, spectators watch from the side-lines.

The next section of the film features scenic shots of trees in full bloom in the springtime. There are close-ups of small birds as they eat from a feeder. Inside, the filmmaker has a pet hamster that plays around its cage and eats from small bowls. It then climbs into a cup, but the hamster cannot get back out without a little help. A woman tips the cup over so the hamster is free again.

There are shots of Kilburn and some of its buildings which are nestled into the surrounding hillside. In Robert Thompson's shop, two men are in a woodworking shop. Wood shavings cover the surfaces as the men cut and carve the planks of wood. Stacks of supply wood can be seen outside in the yard, and some of the finished projects are shown, all with the signature mouse. At this workshop, many apprentices and craftsmen produced Thompson's designs using traditional carpentry methods. All his furniture had his personal signature of a mouse being carved on it.

Following footage of a sunset, there are shots of flamingos in a zoo and a few people kayaking down rapids. The film closes with another sunset and scenic footage of fast-moving clouds against a blue sky.