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YFA 1783



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This is a long film on two separate reels made by Derrick Walton.  It includes various events involving motor vehicles over several years. The film features vintage cars, Scarborough motorcycle racing, motor boats, air displays, the Morecambe Driving Test Rally, the Aintree 200 international car racing meeting and off road motorcycle and car races. It also includes a football match.

Reel 1  (400 ft)

The film begins at a traction engine rally, with visitors looking around the various machines on display, including Betsy Ann from Silsden.  One traction engine pulls a cart full of children on a ride around the field.  Many engines are shown arriving on the backs of trucks.  Three traction engines, pouring out lots of smoke, have a race.  There is then a display of vintage cars and motorcycles, a man in a top hat riding one of them.  These are followed by the traction engines doing a circuit of the field.

The film switches to motor boats going along a river.  One of them is being propelled by an agricultural harvester attached to the rear.  They pass under a low stone bridge and then park along a stretch of the river with hills in the background.

Then on to an air display, beginning with a light aircraft (G-AHKT) taking off, followed by G-MADE and G-AHHT, which has a boy on board, possibly Walton’s son Adrian.  They take off and the flight is filmed from the cockpit.  It looks down onto the houses and fields below, and on a reservoir with yachts on it and a stately home.  The boy eats something as he looks out.  They pass over villages, factories, rivers and a bus station in a city centre, before landing again.

The film switches again to a car race, all similar open top sports cars, over hilly and rough terrain, each car having a passenger bouncing up and down to increase the traction.  It begins with a classic white sports car (reg. HTD 234), followed by AFN 622 and GYG 344, a blue sports car with a woman passenger (MY 2067), and a red car (TTU 222).  A group of the spectators sit on the grass and have a tea break before the race continues.  The spectating group walks along a nearby road.  The race is filmed from various vantage points around the course as the cars struggle over the difficult conditions.

The film switches again to people trying to put out a large outdoor fire at night time.  Then there is a football team, in blue and white striped shirts and white shorts, posing for a team photo in front of a club house.  The captain holds a trophy cup.  A lot of the football match is filmed, from various places around the pitch, between them and team in white shirts and black shorts.

The programme for the Morecambe Car Club Second annual Driving Test Rally, April 15th 1956, is shown, which is taking place on the seafront watched by a crowd.  Much of the rally is filmed, beginning with a pinkish convertible Morris 1000 (number 9) being put through its paces, with a woman passenger.  Then others follow, including by a VW Beetle, and various sports cars, including Triumphs, and other classic cars of the period.  The cars are driven around a course, including some very impressive reversing through a slalom.

The film switches to show a poster for the Aintree 200 International Meeting of 21st April 1956, price 6d.  Spectators arrive and a man browses through a programme.  Much of the car race is filmed, with a very impressive range of cars, mostly racing cars, but also some road cars participating.  A power station can be seen in the background.  The race is filmed from various places around the track, showing some exciting sequences.  Spectators look on from the grass banks.  A woman, Mrs Walton, walks around the outside.  One car seems to have stopped because of mechanical problems, and a group gather around to take a close look at the car which eventually gets towed away.

Next a helicopter arrives in a field and picks up two women passengers.  Then a woman trapeze artist does acrobatics dangling from underneath the helicopter.  This is followed by a RAF display of jets and bombers flying in formation.  Other planes also are on display, including a glider.         

Motor sports 2 (325 ft)

The reel begins with a motorcycle race around a grass track in a field, on scrambling bikes, sponsored by John Bull tyres.  A large crowd watches from the outside, among them a baby in a pram.  A couple of riders come off on a bend.  Some is filmed in slow motion.  Then comes a motorcycle and sidecar race, going in the opposite direction.  One vehicle, number 32, gets pushed off the track by its rider and passenger.  Another race gets under way, followed by a third having a running start.  There is a crash on one of the bends.  Then there is another motorcycle and sidecar race.  The race scorers make a note of the finishing places, and the winners relax.

The film switches to electric illuminations at night time before showing a view over a beach in daytime.  Fishing boats are moored in a harbour at a small seaside village.  There is a lighthouse, and the village is overlooked by what seems to be a castle on the cliff.  A group of people take a trip out to sea in a motorboat.  Then people take ride on the railway at Peasholme, which is filmed from on board, stopping at Scalby Mills.  Next to the camera sits a small child, possibly Adrian Walton.  They pass the boating lake.  Later, then they watch as the waves crash against the sea barrier.

Adrian’s mother is accompanied by an older man smoking a pipe, possibly her father, around some public gardens, before walking down to the seafront.  A programme is shown for Scarborough Motorcycling.  Much of the race is filmed, interspersed with showing Adrian (about 1 yr. old) with his mother in with the spectators.  This is followed by a motorcycle and sidecar race and another solo motorcycle race, some filmed in slow motion as riders go around a bend slipping in the wet conditions.  A cameraman is there also with ABC TV.  Lots of spectators cross over a footbridge going over the circuit.  Another race is filmed from other vantage points higher up.  More races are filmed in drier conditions.

The film quickly switches to an air display, with gliders, quickly followed by a display of model radio controlled boats.  Adrian, now about 3, sits between his mother and an older woman by the side of the pool eating an ice cream.  An elderly man does some work on his model boat before launching it on the pond.  These are followed by larger model sailing boats.

They then visit an outdoor exhibition on the Antarctic expedition 1955–58 Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition led by Vivian Fuchs.  Their tractor is on display, with a banner above it declaring: ‘With Fuchs across Antarctica’.  

Then on to a classic car rally gathering in a town centre before showing a moorland car race, with a red sports car (Reg. SXX 782).  This and many other cars are making their way up a step wooded incline on a bright winter’s day, and bumping their way up muddy pathways and waterlogged ground, many getting stuck.

Intertitle – Church Fenton 1958
A programme is shown for a RAF display at Church Fenton

Many RAF planes are on display, with jets in formation, and large planes on the ground.  They are shown landing and taking off.  Two small girls and a boy, possibly Adrian Walton, toddle around. The boy pushes a buggy, as jets fly overhead the film comes to an end.