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NEFA 20408



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An amateur film made by Walter Gowland showing various events taking place in Ward Jackson Park, Hartlepool. This is followed by a stock car rally taking place in sand dunes. The final part of the film shows his wife Noreen and two sons Peter and Keith walking in the countryside and through an industrial site.

Title: Ward Jackson Park

The film opens on a large crowd watching a taekwondo demonstration in Ward Jackson Park. A man performing various stunts in a pink vintage car. The sequence ends with a show jumping competition.

A group of young boys play with small sailing boats on a pond. Two boys push their bicycles through the park. A group of people stand around the bandstand. There is a view of the park clock which is near to the entrance. One of the boys pushes his bicycle past the clock into the park. The sequence ends showing traffic and views outside the park entrance.

A white Ford Cortina takes part in stock car rally being held in sand dunes. Various rally cars including a Mini Cooper drive at speed around the course. A boy stands next to a number of the racing cars including a Ferrari 250 GTO.

A road sign reads “Throston Grange Lane”. Peter and Keith play football in a country lane. In a large field with goalposts the boys continue to play football while being watched by Noreen. A group of people walk across the field .

Noreen and the boys walk through an industrial estate. The film ends with a lorry pulling into a parking space on a road followed by a car going around a roundabout.