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YFA 1742



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This is a film made by Derrick Walton of various motoring events in 1951 and 1954. It includes stock-car racing at Odsall Stadium, a Yeadon Air Display, TT Races, Silsden Motor Club Rally and Carlton Road motor cycle races.

The film begins showing a programme for stock car racing at Odsall Stadium on Wednesday, May 26th, 1951.  People arrive at the stadium.  Inside the cars are ready for the race, one belonging to Percy Pickard of Fagley Lane, Bradford.  Some have advertisements, one for Moorside Motors on Harrogate Road.  A large crowd watches as a Highland Band march around the stadium. The cars do a slow lap of honour.  Then the race is underway, with lots of banging into one another.  This is repeated.  One car is towed off, another ends up on its back.  Others also get towed off, and one car smashes into the side.

Then we are shown a programme for an International Air Pageant: Yeadon Air Display.  There is a display of very old and very new aircraft, including replica Blerios and Blackburn B" all metal bi-plains, Dragonfly and Westland helicopters, a short Sunderland Flying boat, Meteors, Neptunes, Scimitars, Tiger Moth towing glider, and at the end, someone does a parachute jump. 
Then there is a programme for point-to-point steeplechasers at Sawley. A large crowd has gathered to watch the race, some of which is filmed in slow motion.

Intertitle – TT Races.

An elderly man signs an autograph.  Spectators sit around and then the race is underway in gloomy conditions.      

Then there is an Anglo American vintage car rally [1954?] showing the inside of the programme, with the different cars featured and the route around Craven.   Many of them are filmed en route, some waving.  One car overtakes a number 36 bus for Leeds.  Some is filmed from the front of a car.  Afterwards many of the cars are filmed close up.

The End

The film switches to the Stump Cross Motor Cycle trials, where one rider comes off his bike trying to get up a muddy hill.  Other casualties of the conditions are shown trying to negotiate extremely difficult terrain.  Many get stuck in the mud of riverbeds.

Intertitle – S.M.C. Signpost Rally ‘Silsden Motor Club’ Jan 30th

Cars are parked up, and a group gather around a man with a clipboard.  They set off.  The rally is filmed from the front of a car.  They overtake a caravan.  The rally is then filmed from various vantage points.  Lots of cars are parked up, with drivers chatting among themselves.  They are parked outside the Cross Streets Hotel.  Some of it is then filmed speeded up, passing by fields, villages and towns covered in snow.  At one point it looks as is if they are on a collision course with another car.  A man and a woman do a comical sequence in the snow speeded up.

Intertitle – Car Trial

Lots of people have gathered with vintage sports cars, possibly the 4/44 Car Trials.  They then line up ready to go off, each in turn, over the very rough course, with the passengers bumping up and down to increase the grip of the tyres.  Some of it is filmed speeded up.   The film suddenly switches to show a motorcycle scramble race over grass, possibly the Carlton Road motor cycle races.  Riders line up for the next stage of the race.  One bike gets caught in another as he is riding along.  They race around the circuit, which is lined with spectators. A train passes by in the background.  There is then a motorcycle and sidecar race.  In between races a woman is shown eating a banana.  Again, some of the action is filmed speeded up, and the film comes to an end.