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YFA 1737



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This is a film made by Derrick Walton of various motoring events in 1952.  It includes Silverstone, the Stump Cross Car Trial, Holcombe Moor Sunbeam Talbot Rally and the Yeadon Air Display.

Title – Silverstone May 10th 1952
Photography by D P Walton

The film begins with a race in progress, with many cars driving through the spray they are producing on a wet track.  The cars are then wheeled into the pits.  There is some more of the race, and then a race of road cars.  This is followed by a cyclist apparently being towed by a motorbike, with a screen between them.  Then there is another race of larger racing cars, followed by another with ‘road’ racing cars.  The drivers dash across the track and jump into the cars at the start.  This is followed by some close-ups of the racing cars in the pits.  One car, number 26 [winner of Heat 2] is pushed onto the back of a lorry, with ‘Gordini’ written on the back.  One of the winners walks off carrying his trophy.  A Jaguar, number 28, is shown having sustained damage.  Number 31 is shown in close up.  Then the spectators are shown leaving the circuit in their cars, and on their motorbikes and bicycles, filmed from the front of a car.

Intertitle – Yeadon Air Display 1952

A helicopter is shown followed by twin winged planes, gliders and others, some doing acrobatic manoeuvres.  Then there is a RAF formation with modern jet planes.  One plane has a man strapped to it underneath.

Intertitle – Stump Cross Trial

Riders assemble on a cold winter’s day, and the first rider sets off up a steep rock strewn bank, bobbling all over.  The next one has to get out, but the third gets up OK.  The riders struggle around an almost impossible course.  Many different makes of bike are on view: including, Triumphs, Royal Enfields, BSAs and AJSs.  Stewards dot the course to help when riders get stuck.  Two women huddle in a sheltered spot.  One rider is smoking as he goes around.  The Trial is filmed from many different locations along the course.    

Intertitle – Lancashire Grand National

A cross country motorcycle race is being watched by a crowd of spectators on both sides of a very muddy track.  They head up a steep incline and across partly flooded moorland.

Intertitle – Sunbeam Talbot Rally 1952

There is a view out from the Manor Heath Hotel in Scarborough.  They take a look around the Captain Cook Monument and across the Bay.  Fishing boats are lined up in the harbour.  Then cars are shown racing around the Mountainside Hairpin at Oliver’s Mount course.  The cars then have to stop at a line.  The drivers get out to retrieve something before reversing back, and going around a slalom.  Then all the cars are shown all lined up and shiny, with spectators walking around and admiring them.  The bonnets are put up to display the engines, and judges go around with clipboards, closely examining them, possibly the Alvis Owners Car Rally.

The End.