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YFA 1741



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This is a film made by Derrick Walton of car and motorcycle events in Yorkshire: the Greenwood Cup in Scarborough, speedway at Odsal Stadium, and various car rallies.

Title - Aireville Park:

The film begins with a motorcycle and sidecar arriving at the park, followed by more motorbikes and cars. He is met by a woman with a board.  Then a boy poses, sitting on a small Royal Enfield.  He gets a push and rides around the park.  Motor cross bikes stand ready for the race.  Three women sit at a table with papers on.  The riders are lined up for the start, and they are off racing in circuits around the park, watched by spectators.  Several races are shown.  One rider has an accident, then several others, as the bumpy grass track gets more torn up.

The film switches to a boy with a model yacht on a park pond at Fleetwood.  Several large model yachts have a race across the pond.

Intertitle – Speedway, Odsal, Wembley

Outside Odsal stadium spectators are arriving.  There is a lorry with “Todors” on it and ‘Odsal Speedway’.  Two riders sign autographs for boys.  Inside the ground preparations for the race take place, with the track being hosed down and Red Cross workers carrying a stretcher.  One bike arrives strapped onto the back of a car.  A lorry load of bikes follow.  The race is preceded by a marching band. Then the riders walk up, all dressed in white, and line up in front of the crowd.  The riders do a slow lap, and then the race is underway.  After the race the track is levelled again.  Then there is another race, some filmed in slow motion.

The film switches again to motorcycle scrambling at Ilkley.  Again some is filmed in slow motion.  A large crowd of spectators sit on the grassy banks watching as the riders make their way over waterlogged terrain and up steep muddy banks.  Another race is shown getting underway. 

Following this is a classic car race, the Ilkley and DMC (District Motor Club) and Craven and DMC Rallies.  Some is filmed from the front of a car.  The cars are parked up for lunch.  They carry on, passing two motorcycle and sidecars.  They stop at one point and a car receives some attention.  There are also quite a few motorcycle and sidecars taking part.  One contestant checks the plugs on his Norton.  There is a female motorcyclist.  The cars turn into a dead end where they drive up to a line being held by two women and then reverse out again.  They all finish up in a field.  Then they line up along a road and set off again.  They meet in a town centre.  The contestants stand around chatting across from William and Campbell Outfitters. They then set of again across moorland, occasionally stopping.  

Intertitle - Scarborough Races 1953

Some people stand at the front of the Manor Heath Hotel.  Then the film switches to a car arriving for a motor car rally, being filmed from inside the car.  There is a large ‘New Chronicle Circuit Map’, which is shown close up.  The car park is full, and some bring motorbikes. One motorcyclist is checking his wheel alignment.   Others are doing last minute maintenance.  There is a Norton van, a Dunlop van, and a Geoff Duke van.  We then see the riders racing around a hairpin bend, some of it filmed in slow motion.  There is a view of the car park filled with motorcycles and sidecars.  Much of the race is filmed from various vantage points, and often close up to the riders.  A crowd lines the course.  Two riders come around a bend each with garlands over their head (number 27 and 146).  The film then switches to a car rally, possibly the North Ribblesdale MC rally.  One car has to be pushed up a hill, possibly the Greenwood Cup at Scarborough.  The film comes to an end.