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YFA 1738



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This is a film made by Derrick Walton of various motoring events in 1953.  It includes the Skipton Car Club run to Ripon and back and motorcycle racing at Scarborough and the Isle of Man.

The film starts in the centre of Skipton, showing the clock of Holy Trinity Church, with motorcyclists, one with children in a sidecar, and cars.  They set off and the rally is filmed from the front of a car.  They stop off at Brimham Rocks.  They do some larking about and climbing over the rocks.  Two of them strike a pose on top.  There is some sideways filming, and they are then heading off again.  Some of the race is filmed in slow motion.  They arrive at Ripon.  The filmmaker then overtakes many of the others, filming them as he goes by from the side of the car, via Bolton Abbey.  They then overtake him.  One car is being towed.  They pull over at the side of a road and admire some of the vintage cars.  They set off again, crossing a ford.

Cars are then seen on the cross country race, with plenty of jumping up and down by passengers as they drive over the muddy terrain.  Then back to another car rally, possibly the ‘Old Crocks’ at Ilkley. Cars and drivers are gathered in a car park before setting out.  They pass the white horse on the hill at Kilburn.  They do various manoeuvres, including a slalom, before having to stop to allow cows to cross the road.  There are more manoeuvres and they pass a ruin up on a hill.

At another motor event, possibly the Scarborough TT races, where a man hands out some papers to a man with a woman pillion on his motorbike.  People have gathered for the Gargrave grass track races.  Riders carry out last minute checks.  There is a van for Craven motor supplies.  Several races get underway, with a crash right at the start of one of them.  At the next start one rider goes head over heels.  After some more racing the film switches to another road rally, with again some being filmed from the travelling car.  They stop off at a large bridge, and again for ice creams, and then a picnic.  They end up on a beach somewhere and go for a paddle in the sea, with a girl chasing them with a bucket of water.  They play act and have a game of cricket.

Intertitle – TT 1953

They sail over to the Isle of Man and go into their hotel.  Outside motorcycles and sidecars are parked.  Some of the route is filmed from the front of a car, passing the Ye Highlander Inn, with a sign for Castletown Ales, and the Ballacraine Hotel.  They pass villages and go into open country where some spectators are beginning to gather, and motorbikes pass going in the opposite direction.  The race itself is then filmed from the Halfway House.  A large crowd has gathered at the railway line at Crosby.  A train arrives and they film the journey from a carriage.

A Gillera motorbike, number 41, is shown parked up, along with other bikes, including a Matchless (number 87).  The Silverside Hotel at Crosby is shown and then the bay at Douglas, on the Isle of Man, with the Tynwald ship in dock, which they board.  Passengers hold out food for the seagulls as they cross over to the mainland.  And the film comes to an end.