Film ID:
NEFA 19708



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A visual record of a King Edward VI School (Morpeth, Northumberland) outing to Hadrian's Wall. The schoolchildren visit Chesters and Housesteads Roman forts near Hexham, walk along sections of the wall, and carry out some basic survey work on the archaeological ruins.

[Black & white:]
Schoolboys board a coach, as the driver stands on the pavement smoking a cigarette. Close-up of a pre-Kinnear road sign pointing the way to Chesters Roman Fort.

Indistinct views of a pathway or ancient wall.

Close-up of a second sign: “Chesters Fort / Roman Wall / Ancient Monument”

A view of the North Tyne river and river bank rotates to show the school children exploring the Roman ruins and measuring the thickness of some of the walls. Various views of the fort’s ruins follow.

A hand-drawn map shows the trip’s route from Morpeth to Chesters and Housesteads.

[Black & white:]
View inside the trip’s coach of the boys in seats and the scenery passing by outside.

A group of boys run up a hillside towards a hilltop ruin – likely Housesteads Roman Fort in Northumberland.

The boys explore the fort, as scenes of the surrounding moorland and countryside are recorded.

Filmed from high-up, a view of the schoolchildren walking along a section of Hadrian’s Wall.

[Black & white:]
Further views of the wall, and other Roman archaeological ruins.

A top-down view of a blue wooden model or toy representing a Roman fort.

[Black & white:]
Close-up of a map of the local area, with Chesters Fort framed in a white crosshair.

A hand-drawn map shows the trip’s route from Morpeth to Chesters and Housesteads, the camera zooms in towards the label for Chesters.

A group of schoolboys gather at the school gates to board a Tait’s coach. One boy runs down the school drive and is narrowly avoids being hit by a pickup truck driving the opposite direction.

View of two coaches departing the school.

Further shots of Roman ruins, and modern labels identifying them: East Granary, and Main Drain (where two boys measure the stonework).

A group of boys runs towards the filmmaker. This is followed by a view down a craggy cliff edge.

A boy leaps from one section of Hadrian’s Wall to another [this shot has been filmed in slow-motion].

Boys walking on the wall run along it towards the filmmaker.