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YFA 4566



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This is a promotional film made by Mottershaw Commercial Films, Sheffield, for Dormer Tools of Sheffield. With a narration by Richard Baker, the film shows the production and use of the different kinds of twist drills produced by Dormer.

Presented by The Sheffield Twist Drill and Steel Company Ltd., manufacturers of Dormer twist drills and engineering cutting tools.

Title - More to the Point

The film begins showing various types of twist drills and their many different kinds of uses. With the aid of a diagram, all the parts of the drill are explained. The film goes through the process of producing twist drills, including grinding and heat treatment. Much of the production process is automated. The film also demonstrates how to use the drills, using the handbook. Drills go through machine grinding. The drills are shown in use in domestic settings, in sports (golf clubs), the automotive industries, shipbuilding, locomotives, short circuitry, telephone exchanges, do-it-yourself, and for engine blocks for cars, such as Rolls Royce. The film ends with a company director getting into a Rolls Royce.

Produced by Mottershaw Commercial Films, Sheffield
Director John Mottershaw
Photographer Ian Gillot
Sound Philip Jones