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YFA 2657



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This is a short amateur film produced by a Sheffield filmmaker, documenting moors fires on White Edge Moors in Froggatt. He uses intertitles throughout the film to explain the events recorded.

Title-Galleon Pictures Present

Title-Pictorial Magazine

Title-Produced by K.G Tofield

Title-White Edge Moors, Froggatt. Disastrous fire burns out several thousand acres of moorland.

There are shots of the moors and hills and clouds of smoke billowing across them. Fire is also visible on the moors. Crowds of people stand around on the road watching the fires.

Title-Consuming all before them, the flames spread too rapidly to be controlled.

The intensive fires and smoke sweep across the land. In the distance, a smoke-filled horizon can be seen.

Title-After raging for two days the fire burned itself out.

There is more footage of the smoke and also of burnt trees and grassland.

Title-Stoney Middleton, the Well Dressings by Floodlight.

At night, the moonlit nightscape, trees and a wall can be seen. On the wall are the words 'Zacchaeus', a religious picture is underneath the word and also 'The Woman of Samara 1938'. People gather around in the dark to look at them.

Title-The End.