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YFA 5388



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This film documents traditional methods of mowing hay and cutting peat on a farm near Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales in the early 1930s.

The film begins with a horse and cart picking up people as it goes along a country lane.

Intertitle – The sled

A sled is attached to the harness of the horse.

Intertitle – A snack before starting

Two farmhands sit having a mug of tea and a sandwich.

Intertitle – Mowing the rushes

A farmhand uses a scythe to cut the grass to make hay.  He then sharpens the scythe, and puts the hay into piles with a fork.

Intertitle – The first load

The hay gets put on the sled and the horse takes it away to put onto a cart.

Intertitle – The Last Gate

The horse and cart take the hay out through a gate.

Intertitle – Part 2 Peat 
Intertitle – The Moor Road

A farmhand goes up a moor road on a horse and cart.

Intertitle – In Spring the peat is cut and stacked

The farmhand cuts the peat with a shovel and takes it away on a wheelbarrow.  He stacks it up to dry.

Intertitle – And left for summer sun and winds to dry

There is a view over the moor.

Intertitle – Autumn.  Carting for winter fuel.

The peat is put onto a cart and is taken away by a horse.

Provided by Reverend G Curry of the Upper Wharfedale Museum Society