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YFA 4214



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This film documents the Moor Grange School programme of events for the exhibition commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Air Force. It also includes footage of the students performing a mock horse race.

A man, most likely Merlyn Rees M.P., gets out of a car, takes off his hat and greets a man waiting outside of Moor Grange County Secondary School. The M.P. is flanked by an army officer in full dress.

The next shot is taken inside the school and shows a group of men posing with two young boys who are in costume. They all smile for the camera and Mr Rees talks to the two boys,

There is a shot taken from a top window looking down onto the school grounds; there are two small aircraft on the grass and a group of young boys gathered around them. A couple of the boys are in the cockpit and the rest of them are outside.

There is another shot taken from a top storey of the school and looking down onto the grounds; a small group of adults and children have gathered.

A man is standing outside beside a table holding a red balloon; he smiles at the camera. The woman beside him gets a blue balloon and they hold the balloons up in the air. The balloons have pieces of paper attached to them and the man and woman let the balloons float up into the air. There is a shot of the balloons floating around on the wind.

Another shot is taken from a height looking onto the grounds below where a small group have gathered to watch some young men prepare small model planes for flight. The plane flies around in circles and in the background cars drive along a busy road.

A group of young men and a young girl are gathered outside inspecting model planes. Some of the men are oiling and turning the propellers. There are shots of the different styles of plane.

The next section is in black and white.

A young man is running along a grass track; he breaks through the finish line and put his arms in the air. The rest of the boys passing the finish line are given tickets.

In the next shots boys are competing in different sports; boys do the long jump, the pole vault and another race. There is a brief shot of some judges at table on the grass and beside them is a car with loud speakers on the roof. A bit further away from the judges the competitors sit on benches.
In the next scene the boys are at the final pass of a relay race and they race to the finish line; the spectators all cheer. Following this is another relay race.

The next scene takes place at the entrance to a building; some young men carry a canoe out the door and down the steps. They walk down a residential road, through a forest and eventually come to a river where they carefully put the canoe into the water. Two of the young men get in a start to paddle around; they let two young boys have a go in the canoe with them too.

Title-Moor Grange Cin? Club


This next section is in colour
Title-The Grand Parade

A few young boys stand in a field behind athletic hurdles watching some older boys who are dressed up and playing with hobby horses. They walk in a circle and allow the younger boys to pet the `horses'. Then the younger boys pretend to help the boys in costume onto their `horses'; they all fall off. Eventually the boys with the `horses' ride off.

Title-The start

The boys in costume start an obstacle course on their hobby horses; they jump the hurdles.

Title-Water Jump

They then jump over a cardboard `wall' and then some more hurdles. They hold the hurdles up above their heads so that they next boys coming `ride' into the `wall'. The second group of boys fall down on the ground and they have to pay the first group of boys in order to be allowed to jump over the hurdles.

Title-R.S.P.C.A. Fence

One of the `jockeys' falls down as if in great pain. Two `paramedics' run over to him with a stretcher but they carry the hobby horse away instead. Another `jockey' falls and is pretend beaten up and dragged off the course.

Title-Final Fiasco

Another `jockey' falls and is carted off to the side of the course.