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YFA 2658



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A short amateur film produced by Sheffield filmmaker, K.G. Tofield, `Monuments of the Past' shows the ruins of Bolton Abbey and Fountains Abbey and the picturesque landscape around them.

Title-Monuments of the Past, a series of the ruined Abbeys of England.

Title-Photography and Production by K.G. Tofield.

Title-Bolton Abbey

Title-Away on the Yorkshire moors lie peaceful valleys.

The film opens with a shot of a field with large trees. A river and hills are in the background.

Title-Here the monks of old built their Abbeys.

There are several shots of trees taken from different angles.

Title-On rising ground above the river Wharfe stands Bolton Abbey.

There are shots of the ruins taken from a hill looking down and across to the Abbey. The interior of the ruins, trees and graves are also visible.

Title-Through the woods

From a hill looking down over a stream, animals graze in the fields; trees and moors surround the area.

Title-To the 'Strid' a narrow rocky gorge.

There are shots of a fast running gorge.

Title-Thru' which river foams and boils.

The fast-flowing water rushes over the rocks.

Title-The fast flowing water has made pot holes in the rocks.

There is a deep pot hole; a young woman climbs down into the pot hole and looks at the camera.

Title-Nearby a stream cascades in twin falls.

There are shots of the waterfalls.

Title-A few miles to the north east is Fountains Abbey.

Title-Fountains Abbey was the fourth abbey of the Cistercian Order of monks. It is situated in Skeldale near to Ripon.

There are shots of the Abbey ruins, different long shots and side views. Several people can be seen in the distance walking around the Abbey. There are also many nice shots from inside with different angles and views.

Title-The Nave of the Church

The nave and other dark areas of the ruins can be seen.

Title-The cellarium

A dark room is just lit by beams of light streaming through small windows onto the floor of the cellarium.

Title-The Cloister Court.

The various arches in the Abbey are shown from different angles.

Title-The Tower

There are shots of the stone tower.

Title-The Chapel of the Nine Altars

People walk around the ruins and there are shots of the detailed carvings.

Title-The site of the Great Halls or Infirmary.

There are shots of the ruins taken from a distance, the grounds of the old Abbey and crowds of people walk along a path to one spot and gather there. The film ends with a brief shot of the side of a large stone building.

Title-The End.