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YFA 4207



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This film is from a collection of films made by Leeds based filmmaker Jack Goldberg. The collection consists of footage from family holidays, weddings, family food shop in Leeds, and family activities. As the family are Jewish, there are a lot of interesting insights into the family traditions, foods and religious customs. This film contains footage from some family picnics and day trips to Bridlington and Aysgarth Upper Falls in Wensleydale, some short stop-motion pieces and family activities. In these pieces the Goldberg children are quite young and there are scenes with another young girl who is possibly anther sibling.

The film opens with a young boy climbing on rocks.

Title-Watch Ma's face

An older woman, possibly Malcolm and Lynne's grandmother, sits outside with Edith having a picnic. She looks into the sky and then watches two young boys having a play fight in the field.

A man carries one of the boys on his back and then the two boys climb trees on a hill.

Grandmother and the women sit nearby having their picnic.

The next scene opens with a sign which reads `To Children's Zoo' and an arrow points the way.

There are shots of birds, deer, an elephant, a Helter-Skelter slide, water roller coaster, merry-go-rounds, toucans and goats.

Malcolm and Lynne race down the garden and Edith Goldberg comes out of the house and wanders down the path.

Two young boys are beside the river fishing, two men help them. One of the boys points to a sign which reads `Private Fishing'.

In the following shot Edith, the children and other adults climb over some country walls into a field; they set up a picnic there. There is a brief shot of the boys waving from the middle of some ruins.

The next scene is a Boy Scout event where the scouts are bandaging the leader's hands, carrying out various activities and being read to. Some of the boys are awarded badges which are put onto their caps. The boys all salute the leaders and raise a flag.

A young Boy Scout shows off his trophy to the camera at home; two of the adults in the room act out presenting a trophy to each other

Title-Bottom's up

Lynne lies on a bed while holding her legs up in the air; she rolls from side to side.

There are lingering shots of Jack Goldberg smoking a cigarette while Edith makes tea in a kettle.

There are some brief shots of a young boy lying in bed reading, Edith working in the kitchen and washing dishes.

The next shot shows the Goldbergs out walking in the hill with some other people. A sing reads `To the Strid' and there are shots of the countryside.

A large house with lots of land is visible in a valley in the distance and then there are more shots of the Goldbergs sitting on rocks beside a river. These are followed by them on a toy train at a fun fair.

There are shots taken from the top of a cliff looking down at the sea crashing onto the rock below. This is followed by Edith, Jack, Lynne, Malcolm, and others making their way down the side of the hill onto the beach. The children play on the beach, a merry-go-round, and have a ride on a pony. Then shots taken from a boat on a river; Jack is rowing the boat and Edith and the children are sitting back.

Title-A day in Brid.

Scene opens with Edith playing ball in the sea with a little boy, a little girl is on the beach playing with a bucket. Jack comes out of the sea and Edith dries the children off on the beach with a towel.

There is a brief shot of Lynne, Edith and some others on a ferry; the life ring reads `Bridlington Queen'.

Another scene with small children who are playing cricket in the garden; a little girl is walking in high heels and then she is playing with a tea set in the garden.

The Goldbergs are having a picnic out of the back of their car; the children try to play with yo-yos and then a boy climbs around on some rocks.

There is a brief animated stop-motion piece with a toy duck and a toy horse.

A young girl, possibly another Goldberg daughter, jumps off a box and does a forward tumble on the grass in a garden and then rides a tricycle.

There are shots of a bonfire and fireworks in the night sky.

There is a lingering shot of a `Chiltern Doll' and the box.

The next scene is in the Goldberg's house and Edith serves a guest tea.

Several children are sitting on the sofa and then there is a shot of them all dancing on the spot. They all sit at the dinner table eating while Edith helps to cut up their food. They then play with an inflatable punching toy called `Poucho Puncho'.

There is another brief animated stop-motion piece with a pair of shoes, skittles and dolls.

There is a shot of the `Modern Grocery Store' which takes in the entire length of the shop. Jack Goldberg stands outside his shop and takes some deliveries into the store.

In another scene Edith sets up a picnic on the grass and gives food to Lynne and Malcolm. Then there is another shot of Edith and some other women on a beach eating ice-cream.

Several planes fly in formation in the sky.

The children are on swings, slides and a rocking game and the shot immediately after this is of them in the countryside looking at a lake and farm animals.

Lynne and another little girl, who is possibly her younger sister, sit on a wall looking at the camera. The younger girl falls backwards and can't get back up; Edith runs over to help her. Another man drives to where they are picnicking and joins them.

The younger girl is trying to put a deck chair together in a garden and then the scene changes to a pond where children are trying to catch fish in jars.

There is a shot of a sign which reads `Aysgarth Upper Falls'; several adults and children climb along rocks.
Lynne wears a fancy dress and bow in her hair and does a little dance in the garden. There are shots of a birthday cake with her name on it and a table laden with cake and bottles of orange. The final shot is of a line of birthday cards and children at the table eating.