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YFA 4206



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This film is from a collection of films made by Leeds based filmmaker Jack Goldberg. The collection consists of footage from family holidays, weddings, the family `Modern Grocery' Store located at 80 Street Lane in Leeds, and family activities. As the family are Jewish there are a lot of interesting insights into the family traditions, foods and religious customs. This film contains footage of the Goldberg's family shop; a kosher Jewish grocery store.

The film opens with a residential road lined with men and women; the road is busy with traffic.

There is a shot of the front of `The Modern Food Store' and then shots of the interior of the shop. There are customers being served at the till by Edith Goldberg and Malcolm Goldberg is talking to an older woman in one of the aisles. Suddenly Malcolm drops to the floor as if dead. The following shot shows the older woman carrying on shopping without a worry.

Shots from a garden show a man inflating a rubber dingy with a foot pump.

Edith is in the garden with a toddler; she holds her by the hands so that the baby can stand. She then plays with a tea set with the baby.