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YFA 2946



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This film documents a day in the Bolton factory and the various machines and techniques workers use in order to complete production on a suit.

Opening titles - Burton Tailoring Presents Modern Factory Layout Bolton 1967

The film begins with a man marking out designs with chalk on a piece of fabric. He then cuts out the marked pieces and puts them in a basket moving in a conveyer above his head which carries the pieces to the rest of the assembly line. There is a steam press machine as well as many workers situated at sewing machines. The assembly line baskets take the pieces of fabric to different parts of the factory where each worker adds their part. Much of the film documents the main factory workers, the women at the sewing machines, working with ease and efficiency. There is a Daily Output chard which hangs in the centre of the workstation to keep statistical data for the day. Also, some employees personalize their workspace, for example, hanging up a picture of Elvis nearby. The suit passes through various stages of inspection throughout the process, the final inspection after the suit has been properly pressed by the men working the large steam presses. The film then closes with an end title.