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YFA 2940



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This film documents the different ways to properly fit a man's suit according to specific body types.

The film opens with titles and credits - Burton Tailoring Training Films The Model Measure System
Produced by J. Shaw - Burton Photographic Department
Graphics by Michael Smith - Sales Promotion Department
Produced for Retail Division Training Department

In part of a store measuring room, there is a rack full of suits, each marked with a different size and style card. A man and a sales clerk look through a book of cloth swatches, and when the customer picks the cloth which he prefers, the order is taken down by the sales clerk. He is then measured for the suit by another man, and the sales clerk takes down the measurement info as well. After being measured, the customer tries on a jacket from the rack for a general template and fit.

The majority of the rest of the film is designed for training tailors in the proper way to adjust the original style template of the suit jacket in order to properly fit each specific customer by looking for common body characteristics. The letters on the title cards correspond with the letters labelling the figures in the adjustment guide. Each figure shows what the body characteristic will look like and how to adjust the suit measurements accordingly.

Title - X Sloping Shoulders
Title - S Drop Shoulder
Title - W Full Chest
Title - V Erect Sway Back
Title - T Head Forward

The original customer then returns, tries on another jacket, goes through the final pinning and adjustment process.

Title - Figuration Guide
Title - To sum up these are the points to remember
Title - The Model Measure System
Title - Measurements Figuration Assessment Guide

The film then closes with an end title.