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YFA 2862



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This film begins at the Mixenden Carnival complete with a carnival queen, floats, and other funfair events. The second half of the film then finishes up with some holiday and leisure activities including time in the pool and fun in the snow.

The film opens with a float featuring the three finalists or the Carnival Queen. There is a view of the Mixenden Community Centre, more parade floats, and the Lindley Carnival Queen float featuring girls in pink sitting on the float. Other floats include Our Home: Keep it Clean and Tidy and a Halloween themed float.

The parade begins led by a marching band and majorettes. There is a sign for Salvage, support plastics, and another marching band before arrival at Halifax Spastics funfair where there are many games including a small fishing game.

The next part of the film features a man on the street eating an apple from a tree. There is a lady who does the same.

A band plays in a band-shell as people sit on the grass watching. Also here, there are people playing around a fountain including a two people kicking around a football.

Next there is a row of colourful flowers, ducks in the water, a peacock, and what appears to be the rest of a summer beach holiday. A few older men and women are sitting on a beach, sunbathing, and putting plenty of sunscreen on each other. They are situated in a tropical location and much of the resort around them can be seen.

A baby crawls around on the floor, and a woman then holds the baby playing with it for the camera. Outside the room is the resort pool. Many people board a tour bus to where they arrive at a fountain, sitting and relaxing.

There are swans in water, a view of a church or castle (possibly Notre Dame?), and people again in the swimming pool.

A small wooden birdhouse can be seen in the sunlight and in a season when it was still warm. The same is then seen covered in snow. There is lots of snow outside with people shovelling out a pathway and also playing in the snow.

The film ends with a fair, children with balloons, crowd scenes, a bake sale, and some men performing karate stunts.