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YFA 2238



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Produced by the Sheffield Photo Company, Mixed Babies is a comedic film involving a newsboy who decides to play a joke on two unsuspecting shoppers, changing their babies who have been left in bassinettes.  The film is incomplete with only 140 feet of the original 300 feet noted in the original production.   

A man wheels a bassinette up to a grocer’s shop and leaves it outside.  A woman does likewise.  A newsboy decides to play a joke on the shoppers and changes the babies from one bassinette to the other.  The man emerges from the shop and leaves with his bassinette.  Next, the woman appears and recognises that the child in her bassinette is not hers.  She set off in pursuit of the man and tries to change the babies back, but a fight ensues as a result.  A policeman arrives, and the woman thrusts a baby into his arms.  The policeman throws the baby over the side of the bridge, but the baby shoots straight back into his arms.  (The film is incomplete.)