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YFA 4110



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This footage was taken between 1955 and 1959 and shows events and activities from Judith Simpson's toddler years. Included are scenes of her with parents and relations, playing with toys, learning to walk, playing in the sea, and looking after her younger brother.

The film opens with parents and three older women outside sitting on chairs. Judith is given to one of the women, and as she starts crying, another woman coos at her. Judith's father tries to placate her as two other women come into shot and pose, occasionally pointing at the camera and playing with Judith.

Some different people sit for the camera and a woman holds Judith. They wave and smile at the camera.

Judith is in a garden trying to walk with the help of her Dad. She is watched by three women and a man who are seated on the grass beside her.

Title-1956 Judith One Year

Judith is in the garden with a scarf over her face; she keeps pulling it off and laughs and claps at the camera.

Judith's parents walk her down the garden, they stop and Judith's mother brushes her hair. She sits on a cushion in the garden and interacts with the cameraman and in the next shot somebody is tickling her under the arm.

Judith is sitting in the garden wearing a white dress and bonnet; she laughs at the camera, waves and claps her hands.

In this shot the camera pans across a row of birthday cards which say `3'.

An older Judith is on a beach posing for the camera. She runs around and throws a red ball and paddles in the sea with it. There is a brief shot of a young boy smiling at the camera.

Judith plays with a tea set in the garden; she has a blue dress and blue ribbons in her hair. She pours tea into two cups and gives them to her parents.

In another scene Judith's mother puts a guitar across Judith's shoulders, and she bangs on the strings and smiles. This if followed by another brief shot of a boy and girl who look down at the camera from an upstairs window.

Judith's father helps her to get into a pool; there are other children visible behind her.

Title-Now I AM 4

Judith smiles at the camera, gets into a toy car and peddles off. She then gets onto a tricycle and peddles off on that waving to the camera.

Shot of Judith who appears to be singing a song.

Judith's mother holds a small baby and tickles it. Her parents, Judith, and her baby brother pose together.

Mother helps the baby boy to walk with the help of a cart with wheels, and in the next shot, Judith plays with the baby boy in a paddling pool.

The toddler runs along with his cart and falls over. Later, Judith walks down a road with him and his cart.