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YFA 6083



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Made by filmmaker Walter Hale, this film documents family life and events in north and east Yorkshire. It includes family gatherings in a garden, visits to Whitby and Scarborough, a wedding, a military parade through Hull, and a carnival with on stage entertainment at Hull Seamen's and General Orphanage, Newland Estate.

The film opens with three men and two women watching children play in a garden. A girl plays with her skipping rope on the garden path. A younger boy plays with a ball throwing it to one of the men.  Two of the men pick up the boy making a chair with their arms so the boy sits between them. The two men swing the boy back and forth.  The young girl displays her skills with a skipping rope on the garden path. An elderly woman has a go at swinging the boy.

The film cuts to the harbour at Whitby, with a view of the buildings on the east of town and the Church of St Mary towering over the own.  A fishing boat, the Silver Line is moored at the quayside, the view changes to show other boats in the harbour.

The film cuts to the South Cliff Italian Gardens at Scarborough, with views of terraces and the lily pond with its central statue in the middle distance.  An elderly couple walk near the perimeter of a pond, in another of Scarborough’s ornamental gardens. A duck swims towards a small thatched structure surrounded by water.  Next another Scarborough tourist attraction, the North Bay narrow gauge railway. An engine pulling a train of open carriages leaves the station to start its journey.  The film moves to views of the Pleasure Park boating lake and the open-air theatre, as the train passes by.  Another view of the boating lake shows a number of users rowing across the lake.

The train negotiates a tight curve as it heads towards the camera, the view is taken from a bridge as the train goes underneath. Another view shows the train emerging from a tunnel then heading towards the camera, again taken from a bridge.  Views follow of people trying to manoeuvre miniature pedal boats or pedalloes on the Pleasure Park boating lake near to the open-air theatre.  Smaller model sailing boats are given an outing on another pond, followed by views of a water cascade at Peasholm Park.

A change of venue shows a car parked in a busy city street, as driver and passengers get in and drive off. The next view shows people gathering at a formal garden, followed by views of a group of men and women playing croquet on a lawn.  The film cuts to a sea view of a shoreline and buildings beyond.  Another city centre view follows as buses travel down a busy street, a quieter scene follows as traffic negotiates a roundabout. On another main street a 105 bus approaches the camera. Further up the street a ‘United’ bus turns right out of a junction further up the road.  The film then shows people gathering outside a fairground, then the film cuts back to a general view of Scarborough with a view of the Grand Hotel in the distance.

Now in Hull city centre, a car parked at the kerbside, a door is held open for a passenger, a bride carrying a spray of flowers, she goes straight into a church entrance. The film cuts to the married couple emerging from church to be covered with confetti by well-wishers.  The bride and groom pose for the camera before getting into the car. The chauffer driven car drives off.  Next, from a different angle, another couple leave the church by car, followed by two couples in another car, all sent off by friends waving from the pavement.

The film changes to views of a wooden piers jutting out into the sea with a number of small boats in the water nearby. A number of men and boys walk from boat to boat.  Three men pass by in a rowing boat, with larger boats moored near the quayside in the background.  The view changes showing a concrete pier on the coast, and visitors milling around.

The film cuts to Hull city centre as a corporation bus makes its way through the crowds. The street is lined with people, nearby is the Wilberforce monument at the time of filming still in the Whitefriarsgate area before it was moved.  A parade of soldiers makes its way along the street, past the monument. They are followed by a military brass band, followed by more military personnel and military bandsmen.  

Another view of Whitby follows as a bus drives over the swing bridge. People in rowing boats make their way underneath. Others row small boats in different parts of the harbour.  A view from the quayside looks east towards the bridge. Down on the beach some paddle in the water or sit on the sand.  A view beyond on the seaward side of the harbour entrance looking back towards the swing bridge shows a motor boat entering the sheltered harbour. From the beach people bathe in the shallow waters just off shore.  On the quayside area near a bandstand holiday makers and visitors take in the views of the town.

On the cliff top overlooking the entrance to the harbour visitors relax on benches near a flagpole. Other benches on grassland in front of a large hotel attract those who want to admire the view.  A number of donkeys complete with saddles for riders, make their way down a street, with traffic passing by.  On the cliff top overlooking the sea a putting green attracts keen golfers. A view follows of East Cliff and a glimpse of the abbey, in the foreground visitors make their way down steps, past stone walls and close-cropped lawns.

The view changes to a wooden jetty in the harbour, where youngsters enter the water for a swim, a general view follows of the buildings on East Cliff.  A change of scene shows a domestic garden where a woman waters some plants growing in urns, while a man looks on.  The man disappears then appears again carrying a hoe and a bucket, he then proceeds to hoe and weed some flower beds. Then with a garden broom made from twigs he brushes debris off the lawn onto a nearby flower bed.

Next is the annual carnival at Newlands Estate.  There is a sports event for older boys, followed by a view of young children coming down a slide. General views show crowds at a fair in a park, with a number of events taking place. Children watch as a man tries his skill at knocking down skittles.  A couple perform on a stage the man is dressed as a clown, a notice at the back of the stage reads, ‘Al-Wright’s Big Comedy Circus’ The clown stands on a large ball as he moves himself across the stage trying not to fall off. His partner dances around him waving her arms. After a number of balancing tricks, the clown stands on a chair which is placed on top of the ball, and finishes of with a handstand on the balancing chair followed by skipping with a rope while balanced on top of the ball.  Next two acrobats perform a number of routines on stage. A brief view follows showing a table laid out with small prizes, which are won by throwing a ring over them.

The film cuts to open countryside as men and women enter a field through a metal gate.  Next a high angle view of the rose garden of a large house or mansion. The film cuts back to the prize table and rings being thrown to secure a prize.  Next a group of people pose for the camera. A number of women in the group hold leg protectors and cricket bats. The film cuts to a game of cricket with a team of men fielding as two women take an innings.  On fields near to a large mansion people relax and chat while sitting on the grass. Back at the mixed cricket match a woman bowls.  On fields informal views follow of people talking or watching the world go by.  Near a marquee, a group sits at a table where refreshments are served. A couple of young boys look at the camera.

Back in the domestic garden seen earlier in the film, a family sits on deck chairs as young boy stands in front of them playing. A girl joins them and the man sitting nearby throws a ball for the young boy to catch.  The film ends as the family group poses for the camera.