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This film chronicles the restoration work which took place at York Minster during the mid 1960s. It opens with a brief history of the York Minster with various shots of the Minster as well as the surrounding areas which historically used to be connected to the work of the Minster. The film contains both exterior and interior images of the Minster with informational commentary to accompany each image.

At the York Glaziers Trust, Mr. Lazenby? and Peter Gibson prepare for the restoration of the Minster windows from the beginning rubbings of the windows, cleaning, and the reassembly of the stained glass windows. Exterior stonework is also being replaced by specialty masons who are working on the tower. Wood and stone carvers, using their knowledge of sculpture style of different periods, create their own drawings for the restoration of various sculptures throughout the Minster. In 1965 Mr. Fielden was brought in to survey the Minster, and after careful inspection over a two year period, the survey revealed that the Minster was in danger of collapse. In 1967 it was determined £2 million were needed for restorations, mainly the large tower under which the Norman foundation to be reinforced. As the Roman foundation was discovered during this time, investigations were conducted as to the appropriate next step in securing both the future of the Minster and the rescue and preservations of the Roman foundations. The Lord Archbishop of York is also in attendance in order to see the progress of the restoration work. The film then closes with a plea for donations in order to preserve the Minster and save it from collapse. (In 1972, the Minster celebrated the completion of the restoration work during the 500th anniversary of the original completion of the building.)