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Part of the Yorkshire Media Consortium, this film charts the changing focus of Hebden Bridge, from a mill-based textile town to a centre for healers and alternative life styles.

Title | Hebden Bridge 2000

The film opens with a man in a yellow corduroy jacket, Stuart Moss, explaining that his company is the only remaining cutter and finisher of corduroy and moleskin in the county. There are brief shots of some of the machines in his mill, and the Karl Marx quote "Workers of the World Unite" written on one of the walls.

The film then cuts to a woman, Sue Askey, in a woolly hat and wellington boots stood in Calder Valley, who talks about the karmic ties that drew her to Hebden Bridge. There are brief shots of a stream alongside one of the mills and some acupuncture work.

Title | Mills and Healers

There is a shot of a brook and an old photo of the Rochdale Canal.

Title | John Cockroft - Mill Joiner

A man in a flat cap and a fleece stands by Higher Lumb Mill, built by Gamaliel Sutcliffe, and talks about the transportation of cotton by canal from Liverpool.

Title | Gerry Pyves - Body-work therapist

A man is sitting by one of the mill chimneys with his young son, who throws a Beanie Baby bear on the ground. As he is talking about his work, the film cuts to a room where a woman in being massaged by Gerry, who wears a Nike tank-top.

Title | Foster Mill

Title | Richard Redman - Joint Managing Director, Redman Bros.

Richard is standing by one of the chimneys of Foster Mill wearing a polo-neck and fleece. He discusses how he used to play around the area as a child, and there are old black-and-white photos of the interior and exterior of the mills. In the background there is a Volkswagen camper van.

Title | Shirley Crossley, Machinist

Title | Alan Stuttard, Cutting Room Manager

The two interviewees briefly explain their roles, before the film cuts back to Richard Redman talking about the dereliction and vandalism that befell many of the mills.

Title | Victoria Mill Chimney, Demolished Saturday August 20th 1949

Archive footage of the demolition follows.

Title | Keith Powell, Hebden Bridge Clothing Company

Keith, wearing a shirt and tie, talks to the camera in his office. This is accompanied by shots of his employees using the cutting, pressing and machining equipment in the factory. An exterior shot of Brisbane Mill follows.

Title | Stuart Moss, Chief Executive, Brisbane Moss

The next part of the film shows many of the different processes that go on in the mill, including scouring, brushing, singeing and dyeing.

Title | Bankfoot Mill Chimney

Title | Sue Goodwin

Sue, a herbalist, sits by a tree and talks about her reasoning for moving to Hebden Bridge. Down the high street, the film enters The Hebden Bridge Centre for Natural Medicine, and many bottles and bags of herbal teas are shown in the dispensary.

Title | Martyn Illingworth

Inside the Watergate Apothecary shop on Bridge Gate, Martyn points out all the different products.

Title | Old Water Wheel

There is a shot of the old wheel in disrepair.

Title | David Fletcher
Chairman Pennine Heritage
Mill Conservationist

David begins to talk to the camera, with one of the mills in the background.

Title | Bridge Mill

There are shots of the mill chimney and David explains the history of the textile industry, accompanied by archive photographs. Inside the Caf? Bar a woman is preparing tea and coffee. David explains that he bought the mill to rescue the wheel, which is shown turning as it used to.

The next part of the film follows the three founder members of the Kingfisher Health Co-Operative that has just opened a holistic centre on Valley Road.

Title | Jen Altman, Integrative Healing

Outside by a stream Jen talks about energy fields in the body and spiritual strength. There are shots of Jen at work, caressing the air above a recumbent man as she works in a meditative state.

Title | Sue Askey, Healing Massage

Sue walks along past some trees.

Title | Crimsworth Dean

More shots of Sue massaging a patient follow.

Title | Michelle Dawn Silcox, Reiki Master

Sitting by some stones, Michelle explains that she was born in Hebden Bridge.

Title | Jumble Hole Clough

Michelle is seen in her massage room instructing her patient to imagine an emerald green light going through the crown of his head. Back outside, she walks through the woods and strokes a slimy growth on a rock.

Title | Gibson Mill

Title | Mr Wichai Amorncharoenchai (Chai)
Traditional Thai Massage

Chai stands in front of Gibson Mill and talks about the open-minded and curious people of Hebden Bridge. Following this he is seen in his massage parlour standing on the back of a man in pants.

Title | Colin Spencer
Local Historian

By graphical trickery Chai morphs into Colin Spencer, who talks to the camera about the history of Gibson Mill, the original name of which was Lord Holme Mill. It was formerly a cotton mill powered by water until its closure in 1890.

Title | Calder ("Co-Op") Mill

An aerial shot of Calder Mill is followed by John Cockroft recounting tales of yesteryear.

Title | Nanholme Mill

There is a shot of two dogs.

Title | Martin Pickwell
Boat Builder

Martin is seen wearing overalls and welding metal to be used in the building of a canal boat.

Title | Mark Crowther
Kate Rhodes
Lily Crowther

On board a canal boat a family talk about the positives and negatives of their lifestyle. Roxy is a dog.

Title | Crossley Mill

By the canal, Colin Spencer reappears to talk about Crossley Mill and the ages of some of the young workers there. This is followed by a sign that reads "Crossley Mill Children's Centre" and shots of children singing and playing percussion instruments.

Title | Julia White
Nursery Manager

Julia discusses the nursery building.

Title | Shelley Robinson

A group of people perform yoga exercises.

Title | Straups Mill

Title | Stella King

In the woods, Stella talks about the rivers around the town and how they reflect the energy channels in the human body, stating that if she was God (and was needling the countryside) she would definitely put an acupuncture point at Hebden Bridge. She is then seen doing acupuncture on a woman and lighting a flame in a glass that she quickly presses against her skin.

Title | Penny Eastwood

Penny talks about her project and is seen planting a tree, whilst a baby in an all-in-one suit also lends a helping hand. Penny explains that the whole gamut of Hebden Bridge - posh people and hippies - is involved in the venture. There are then slow motion shots of blankets being run through a milling machine and the film comes to an end.

Title | Thanks to the following people in order of appearance:
Stuart Moss
Sue Askey
Client: Lola Sturdy
John Cockroft
Gerry and Alfie Pyves
Client: Emma Leeming
Second Camera: Rod Watson
Richard Redman
Shirley Crossley
Alan Stuttard
Keith Powell
Sue Goodwin
Client: Natalya Cutler
Martyn Illingworth
David Fletcher
Jen Altman
Client: Paul Croft
Michelle Dawn Silcox
Client: Jack Lockheart
Mr Wichai Amorncharoenchai
Client: Ed Oxley
Colin Spencer
Martin Pickwell
Mark and Lily Crowther and Kate Rhodes
Julia White
Shirley Robinson
Stella King
Client: Jo Gorner
Penny Eastwood

Title | Thanks to the following organisations and individuals:
The National Trust and Hardcastle Crags Wardens
Hebden Bridge Literary and Scientific Society, Local History Section
The Alice Longstaff Gallery Collection
Custodian: Frank Woolrych
Archive Footage: Joan Halliwell
Research Ideas: Richard Bunzl
Brisbane Moss Factory
Crossley Mill Nursery
Colden School
Hebden Bridge Arts Festival
Hebden Bridge Picture House

Title | Cragg Vale Gamelan
Weeping Skulls
Composer: Mick Wilson
Clarinet: Mary Smol

Saxophone Concerto
(Boats and Lanterns)
Composer: Mick Wilson
Alto Saxophone: Paedar Long

Title | Crew:
Original Script Idea: Chris Watson
Sound: Natalya Cutler
Mary Scott
Stephen Moore
Script Development, Camera, Director, Editor: Tam Carr

Title | Mills and Healers is part of the A4E Contemporary Video Collection
Produced by Yorkshire Media Consortium
Supported by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of England
Archived by the Yorkshire Film Archive

Title | Copyright 2000 Acorn Video (Bfd) Ltd