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Magazine film featuring short travelogues about the Lake District, Oxford, Blackpool, Edinburgh and London. A commentary offers anecdotes about the various trips and illuminating information about the places visited.

Title – Miles and Miles

Title – Photographed, recorded and edited by J. Eric Hall

Title – A miscellany of people, places and events

The film opens with a woman clambering up a grassy hillside to observe the view over Derwentwater in the Lake District, on which small boats and canoes are sailing. In Oxford, students punt along the River Isis, and the commentary notes that the punt is the traditional craft of the undergraduate. Coxed eights, light rowing boats accommodating eight people, row past a boathouse and teams are seen fetching their boats out of the river.

At Iffley Road running track in Oxford, young men compete in track and field events including javelin, steeplechase and competitive walking.

On a quiet country road, a man named Fred Abel leads two donkeys which pull a cart with a small tent on top. The tarpaulin has text painted on it reading “This circus is my life today. As seen on BBC TV 1958”. A poster affixed announces Fred Abel and his One Man Circus. The circus includes performing rats, Diana the skipping dog, dancing mice and Towser the Wonder Dog.

In a broad field, a farmer cuts hay using a harvester pulled by 3 horses. A young man and woman stroll around a ring of standing stones, possibly the druid’s temple near Ilton, North Yorkshire, which was built by William Danby in the 1760s. The commentary describes the folly as a “druids’ sacrificial circle”. On the edge of a wood the man and woman look up at a high pillar of stones.

Blackpool Tower is seen from below, followed by a view of the beach and pier taken from the top of the tower. The Golden Mile is bustling with people who buy sweets and browse the amusements.

In Edinburgh, people take in the view from Castle Rock. Inside the gates of Holyrood Palace, women stroll across the courtyard, past the fountain erected by Queen Victoria. On Canongate, the Palace Bakery, Holyrood Post Office and William Younger & Co Brewery are seen from outside. The commentary notes the projecting clock at Canongate Tolbooth, where John Knox lived and died. St Giles Cathedral is seen, along with a sign for Horse Wynd, one of the long narrow passages common in Edinburgh. At the castle, a guard in tartan trousers waves traffic through the gateway. Visitors inspect rows of cannons pointed over the castle walls.

In London, people mill around the fountains at Trafalgar Square. Big Ben is seen from the street, followed by guards in bearskins at Buckingham Palace.
The film ends where it began, with the woman sitting on the hillside at Derwentwater, Cumbria.

Title – Miles and Miles

Title – The End