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This is a comedic film made by the Bamforth Film Company. Yorkshire's connection to filmmaking can be traced back to the very beginnings of the industry and one of Britain's premiere early filmmakers, James Bamforth. In two brief periods of activity, 1898-1900 and 1913-1915, Bamforth and Company of Holmfirth was responsible for producing this regionally and nationally significant collection.

Title-The Mighty Atom (not Corelli's)

Title-How Winky Intended to ask Pa's Consent

Winky/Albert stands in a room pretending to talk to the father. The man comes into the room, and Winky asks if his fianc?e's father has the time (to talk about marrying his daughter)

Title-Have you got the time, please?

Title-Yes, It's time you made yourself scarce

The father pulls out a gun and shoots at the ground to show that he is against the marriage. Winky jumps out of the way and runs out the door.

Winky's fianc?e is waiting outside to hear the news, and he tells her what happened.

Title-Meet me at Royal Restaurant at 2 and we'll elope.

Winky puts his hat on and walks off.

Title-To `throw Pa off the scent' Mattie promises to renounce Albert

Mattie tells her father she doesn't love Albert anymore. He gives her money, and she does a dance.

Title-1 p.m.

Winky drafts a telegram to Mattie telling her not to be late.

Title-Alf `Neversweat' delays the wire.

Alf Neversweat the courier is standing around eating and reading a paper. He is in fits of laughter and delays the delivery of the message.

Mattie leaves her house and her father leaves after her. Alf is holding the telegram, and her father snatches it from him. It reads:`To Miss Mattie Marks-Don't Stay. Too late'

Title-Run after my daughter with this wire! She can't have gone far.

Alf takes it back.

Title-What's she like?

The father starts gesturing to indicate her appearance, and then he boots the courier in the bottom and sends his off.

Alf wanders into the restaurant and causes trouble by eating a customer's food and annoying staff.

Title-Neversweat tries to find the lady

(The next few section are out of order on the VHS tape)

Leader to 2nd part: The courier gives Mattie the letter which she reads unhappily.

Albert tries to hurry in the dressing room and gets assistance from a scullery maid who is covered in soot. Albert/Winky arrives at the restaurant filthy too, and everybody laughs.

Leader to 3rd part: Mattie is still waiting for Albert. Alf is standing around and a waiter trips over him. The courier tries to find Mattie. Neversweat causes more trouble by starting fights with the male customers.

Title-Mattie Confesses

Leader to 4th part: Mattie confesses everything to her father when the man her father wants her to marry walks in and kisses her hand. Winky whistles to Mattie from outside but she doesn't hear him. Mattie's father hauls him in front of the scullery maid, the man and Mattie. Mattie is absolutely furious.

They all read the telegram together.

Title-Who put the `full stop' in the message?

Winky points out that there is a full-stop on the telegram message and instead of reading `To Miss Mattie Marks-Don't Stay too late', it reads` Don't stay. Too Late'. It appears that the scullery maid handled the message and a dust speck appeared in the sentence. Then everybody rolls about laughing. The father then decides that Winky is fit to marry his daughter.