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NEFA 21617



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Compilation of two films made by Betty Cook showing two air shows taking place at what was then Teesside International airport, now Durham Tees Valley airport, near Darlington, in August 1965 and RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire in September 1958. Both films feature various types of civilian and military aircraft performing aerobatics and low flybys.

Title: Middleton St George, Aug '65.

Title: Kodachrome II

The film opens on a crowd enjoying an air show taking place at Teesside International airport close to Middleton St George near Darlington. Various jet and propeller civilian and military aircraft fly low over the crowds or perform aerobatics in the sky.

The film cuts to a juvenile jazz band in red and white uniforms performing a synchronised routine on the runway. An autogyro travels across a grassed area.

The film cuts to show a number of smaller aircraft taking off from the airport, flying around and coming back in to land.

On the runway, two men stand around while crowds walk past in the background. A glider with large wings flies overhead. A queue of people wait to have a look inside a propeller aircraft parked on the grass.

A small propeller airplane flies low overhead and the film ends with a military jet performing aerobatics in the sky.

Title: RAF Leeming, Sept '58

Title: Kodachrome I

The film begins with views of various civilian and military jet and propeller aircraft either performing aerobatics in the skies over the airfield at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire, or flying lower over the crowds.

Nine large military propeller airplanes fly in formation over the crowd followed by four jet aircraft. The film cuts to show two jet aircraft taking off along the runway, followed by a third propeller aircraft getting ready for take-off.   

The film ends with a general view of a fire, possibly from a crashed plane, burning in a field in the near distance and a fire engine rushing out to deal with it.

Title: The end.