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NEFA 21989



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An amateur film of an award presentation to the sergeant of the 5th Battalion North Riding Home Guard, which takes place at Marton, near Middlesbrough, in winter. The film was shot by Lionel 'Dick' Saltmer, owner of a ladies outfitters on Corporation Road in Middlesbrough and member of this Home Guard unit.

A platoon of armed Home Guard or Local Defence Volunteers are standing in a snowy field. A military band perform, one man banging a drum, another playing a set of bagpipes. Marton Methodist Church on Stokesley Road can be seen in the background.

The members of the battalion come to attention slinging their bayoneted rifles across their shoulders. Three men, including an army officer, walk onto the field towards the troops and inspect the ranks.

A sergeant within the ranks marches forward, a stick under his arm. He is presented with a certificate by three military officers. They shake hands and salute.

General views of the troops being dismissed and marching off the field. The film ends with the Sergeant presenting his certificate to camera.