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NEFA 20885



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A film made by Donald Raymond Clark of the Middlesbrough College of Education Cine Club begins with a trip across the Transporter bridge in Middlesbrough with views around the docks which evolves into a mini drama. The filmmakers then explore some of the many old streets in the town centre and finally look at some aspects of public transport in the town.

The film begins with an view from a moving car travelling towards the Transporter Bridge. The film cuts to a shot of a red United bus coming south along Cleveland Street and past the Captain Cook public house (?). It approaches a junction next to which is an advertising hoarding for Guinness and Exhibition Ale amongst others. The bus stops and lets off passengers, a low angle shot of the Transporter Bridge follows. The camera pans down to a queue of cars waiting to make the trip across the river. A close up view of the ticket office follows as foot passengers buy tickets to travel on the Transporter. A group of young girls, possibly students from Constantine College as one them is wearing the college scarf, buy a ticket and walking onto the gondola, to cross the river from Middlesbrough to Port Clarence. There are general views of small boats on the river Tees. The gondola which travels to and fro across the river is seen approaching the landing stage. A low angle shot shows the bridge mechanism in action. The safety barrier to the gondola is lifted, and the foot passengers get off. A member of the bridge's staff closes the gate to prepare for the gondola's return journey. A shot from the moving gondola shows foot passengers looking out over the river. There are views of cranes on the river bank. An upward shot shows the workings of the bridge mechanism once again.

A brief glimpse shows a small boat on the river near the Transporter. The next shot shows the landing stage approaching. The foot passengers get off the gondola. A cyclist rides off past a queue of cars waiting to make the crossing. The camera follows the students.

A low angle shot shows '1a County Borough of Middlesbrough' road sign. This is followed by a shot of a street sign mounted on the wall of a building which reads 'Bridge Street East leading to Dock Street'. A shot follows as two young men walk along Bridge Street. A number of buildings can be seen in the middle distance, one of which may be The Bridge public house. Another shot follows of the Middlesbrough road sign. A man (one of the students?) walks along a pavement away from the camera. He then runs up some steps next to the pavement. A shot follows of cranes unloading a cargo ship in the docks. Railways which carry cargo to the ships are seen, followed by more shots of dockside cranes. A shot of another ship in dock followed by more footage of dockside railways and cranes. The camera pans right to show another ship. After this another shot follows of railway yards with old semaphore signal gantries, followed by the shot of another ship surrounded by cranes.

The film cuts to a warning notice attached to a bridge(?) with the dock clock in the background. A man stands on the dockside, a large ship in the background. A Ford Cortina Mk 1 is parked nearby. The camera is panning right, but reverses showing the parked car again. A man on a motor scooter rides away from the camera. The camera pans slowly right in order to follow his progress. He rides past the Ford Cortina and past the ship in dock. More dockside cranes appear in the footage and the camera pans right looking over the river to a ship at the quayside. It pans back going left. A long shot follows showing the Transporter Bridge in the distance. The film cuts to a small boat or tug in one of the dock basins. The next shot shows a bearded man with glasses, the Transporter Bridge can be seen in the distance. A man with a peaked cap stands on a bridge walkway. The man in the cap walks towards the camera with one of his hands raised. The bearded man looks on he seems afraid of him. The bearded man is next seen running along the walkway of the bridge with man in the peaked cap running after him. The bearded man runs down some steps at the end of the walkway and the man in the peaked cap shakes his fist at him. The bearded man now at the foot of the steps walks away.

Another shot follows of the 'County Borough of Middlesbrough' road sign.

There follows a view from South Street looking North. In the distance Middlesbrough's original town hall. On either side of South Street new flats and maisonettes. A closer shot of the old town hall clock tower follows. The camera pans down to show the entrance. A sign on the wall near the entrance says 'reading room'.  The film cuts to a man outside the town hall who loiters suspiciously near some iron railings. The film cuts to another view of the town hall clock. The film cuts back to the man who is now looking through the railings. He seems to have his head stuck. Their follows a long shot of the old town hall. A long shot also shows more of the new flats with the Transporter Bridge in the background. A lorry appears in the frame from the left.The camera pans left showing St Hilda's Church and in the foreground the old town hall. Two young men walk across the road towards the camera. they walk on past a newly built extension to the old town hall. The two men look up at the clock tower. In front of the camera, one of the points to something in the distance behind the camera. They look alarmed. The film cuts once more to a view of the old clock. The picture cross fades to the clock tower of the 'new' town hall on Victoria Square. From the clock tower the camera moves to a view of the Albert Road side of the town hall in the distance the road junction with Corporation Road. A navy blue and cream Middlesbrough Corporation bus waits at the junction. The film cuts to the statue of Sir Samuel Sadler in the gardens of Victoria Square, just in front of the south facing side of the town hall. The two men walk towards the statue, and read the nameplate on the plinth. They point at the statue. The film cuts to a shot of the statue then to a shot that shows the corner of the town hall and shops and buildings on Albert Road (roughly where the Centre North East building now stands). 

A shot from behind, shows two men silhouetted against an open window from the interior of a room, with a view towards the Transporter Bridge in the distance. Still with the Transporter on the horizon there are high angle shots of terraced houses, back yards and narrow back lanes. An exterior shot shows two men looking out of the upper storey window of a large house. The film cuts to a dog running down one of the narrow back lanes for the terraced housing. One of the young men seen earlier writes the word 'Slums' on a wall in chalk. Another phrase written by an unknown hand declares 'Ringo is Fab'. The film continues (possibly Cannon Street area) showing a decrepit looking terraced house. Two men walk down a narrow alley, and the film cuts to them approaching the camera from the other end of the alleyway. The next shot shows a town centre street corner with a street lamp (possibly a gas lamp). A shot follows of one of the young men seen earlier walking down another narrow alley. A shot follows of a view along a street. A pram has been left on the pavement. A motorcycle and sidecar are parked nearby. The  two young men walk down the street. Children play in the street. In the background a corner shop advertises Typhoo Tea and Lyons Maid Ice Cream. A woman pushes a pram along the road. The film cuts to a view from behind a stationery car (a Ford Popular?). A Vaux Brewery Dray is parked on the opposite side of the street. The Ford Popular slowly reverses. Another shot follows of a corner shop. A young man appears in the doorway of what might be a condemned building. The other young man shows something to the camera through a broken window. From the house interior the camera films from the inside towards the broken window. A small child walks in front of a bicycle which is leaning against a wall. Another child peers from a behind a security gate in the open doorway of a house. One of the young men seen in the film walks down a dark alley towards the camera. Two dogs are filmed in the street. A group of children gather on the pavement, an older woman stands nearby. Two women chat together in a doorway. A young man sits on the step of her doorway with a baby. A long shot of the street follows.

Title: [Roughly written on a sheet of paper] 'Boro Transport'

Title: 'Where Is This Boro??' (?)

Shots follow of the feet of the two young men followed by a glimpse of a street (Borough Road?). A Middlesbrough Corporation 'C' bus pulls up to a bus stop outside the town hall on Albert Road. The bus pulls away from the stop. The next shot is taken from further North along Albert Road heading towards the railway station, but taken from a position just beyond the junction with Corporation Road. A corporation 'A' bus pulls up at the junction. The next shot shows a red 'United' bus driving past. In the background the railway bridge displays the advertisement for 'Ferodo' brake linings.

The next shot is take from the platform of a double decker bus, which is at the junction of Albert Road and Borough Road. One of the young men who have been appearing in this film is about to get off the bus. He gets off the bus while it is still moving. Another young man appears on the platform of Middlebrough Railway station. A train approaches the platform, in the distance a signal box and a semaphore signal gantry. Passengers get on the train. The train pulls out of the station. The destination board on the last coach says 'Saltburn'. The next shot shows a large diesel engine, shunting a low level wagon. The film cuts to a shot of Albert Road near the Royal Exchange Building. the camera pans from right to left. A single decker corporation bus approaches the camera, the destination board indicates a Seamer 'S' bus. The camera pans from left to right, a man on a light motorcycle or moped travels along Borough Road. A Ford Transit van passes left to right the word 'Crudens' (a Scottish building firm) on the side. The camera follows a Hillman Husky as it travels along a side street, and is then filmed parking in a car park.

Title: Commerce

This sequence looks at some of the businesses in Middlesbrough by filming shop and business signs. A shop front named W A Medhurst - Commercial Stationery. This is followed by a Red Lion insignia on a wall, the pub sign for the Laurel Hotel on Borough Road. An entrance to a pub lounge is filmed, as one of the young men in the film walks towards it.

Title: 'Censors'(?)

A view of the shop front for 'Workwear Suppliers'; a student(?) enters the shop. This is followed by a shot of Linthorpe Road in the town centre heavy with traffic and pedestrians. The film cuts to a brief shot of an open air fruit and vegetable market in a side street then the film cuts back to Linthorpe Road.

Miscellaneous shop signs follow - 'Free Lard', 'You Save Money Here', Woolworths shop front, C&A department store, Burton Tailoring, Wades Furnishing.

The next sequence is filmed at the junction of Linthorpe Road and Corporation Road and shows the 'Newhouse' shop on the corner. Pedestrians wait on the pavement to cross the road. The film cuts to a shot of Pearl Assurance House and just beyond that 'Clinkards' shoe shop. The film ends on a shot of Corporation Road and British Home Stores and of the Mecca Casino (now the Middlesbrough Empire).